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Are you looking for information about Jim Hunt or VTA Publications? Do you want to start investing or start a lucrative business? If you are interested in achieving financial freedom, then consider getting some of Jim’s courses to learn how fortunes are made. People around the world are raving about the high quality courses and materials created by Jim Hunt.

Jim Hunt is a financial advisor and CEO of VTA Publications. Jim has made a name for himself as a stock marker expert. He is renowned for his unique skills to spot market trends easily, and predict activity accurately. Currently, Jim provides investment tips and strategies through his company VTA Publications.


VTA Publications is a non-fiction publisher of business and wealth building courses and books. Established in 2012, this reputable company has thousands of customers and clients across the world who enjoy their information products and services.


This company’s mission is to provide their customers with top notch information, both physically and

digitally, specializing in the fields of finance and economics. The company aims to source the most knowledgeable professionals in their field – the people who are highly successful – so they can bring their experience and expertise directly to you in simple-to-use formats.


Jim’s books and courses are available through VTA Publications and are created to help both beginners and veteran investors, achieve tremendous success in their business and investment endeavors. He is well versed in teaching new investors and business startups how to amass a fortune and reach their financial goals.


Jim has a vast range of products and courses, including Wealth Wave and Make Mum a Millionaire.  In his course, Make Mum a Millionaire, Jim promised to make his mum a millionaire with just a few trades and the entire tutorial was shown on YouTube, allowing anyone to follow along.   Check out Jim’s new Wealth Wave offer on the VTA website.

Keving Seawritght Recognized for his Achievement at Prestigious University

Kevin Seawright, continues to show levels of achievement, unimagined by many young persons. One area of recognition, wherein, Seawright has earned celebratory success is his certificate of achievement, in a program focused toward the non-profit sector. Kevin is currently the Executive Vice President and CEO of the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation (Newark CEDC).

The young executive was applauded, at the University of Notre Dame—Mendoza College of Business, in 2015, in way of his successful completion of the 2nd installment of a non-profit fund development program. The completion of the preceding program—relative to executive leadership development was part of Seawright’s positive focus with respect to his continuing education—an area which he embraces.

His continuing education and development, which he actively participates, is performed in order that he may fully optimize his leadership role in Newark.

Kevin Seawright, is very committed to serving his community. He has mentioned, in so many words, that he fully understands the necessity of serving a communal base, where one resides.

He engages any opportunity available, to become more fully involved, within the three preceding areas mentioned. He does so by aligning himself with organizations that provide a high degree of intensity with regard to getting things done, within the community environment. In doing so, Kevin is able to provide a high level of empowerment to the community he serves.

The educational program, wherein, Kevin has earned a certificate, was designed in order to assist leaders in the business community to more clearly address the current business environment, within the not-for-profit sector. The course provides focus with regard to structuring of a board.

It demonstrates to the professional leader how to run a board, on a highly efficient level. The board, is instrumental in carrying out the successful operations, inside of an organization’s framework. In order to carry out the demands of the organization, the board, frequently, is required to expand, once the organization starts to grow, and when it becomes more and more established. Kevin recognizes the significance of the preceding facts.

He realizes that that a board, must be built, with much discernment, as to the details. There must be characteristics involved such as orientation, proper training, evaluations, and a way supplied, in the cultivation of the board members. This type of systematic activity is absolutely, fundamental, in realizing the long-term success of the organization.

Kevin completed phase two, in 2015, of the course described above. Seawright was provided with a very special Certificate of Achievement. The achievement certificate is provided only to individuals who excelled, greatly, in course participation.

During a span, of over thirteen years, Kevin has provided a leadership role, within the public and private sectors. His experiences, and expert knowledge are firmly planted in that of localized government and financial management. His most current position with the Newark CEDC is a direct result of a culmination of his years of work and his propensity, as to earning, much, in the way of achievement. This type of industrious behavior, on the part of Kevin, serves the community greatly. As Kevin looks forward to even more additional coursework and community experiences, he maintains his leadership role as Executive Vice-President and CFO. He involves himself, fully, too, in the areas of social responsibility and many philanthropic pursuits

Notes Regarding Kevin Seawright:

Kevin Seawright is based within the Newark, New Jersey area. He is a project manager and accounting professional. Prior to his relocation to the New Jersey area, Kevin performed work, within many areas, inclusive of education, government and real estate, in the metropolitan areas of Washington, DC, and Baltimore, Maryland.

He worked, too, as a Coach of local youth sports teams. He has been a member of the National Forum for Black Public Administrators, and the American Society for Public Administration. He has also been a member of the National Association of Black Accountants. Kevin can be located on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Tumblr.

Thor Halvorssen Defender Of Human Rights

Thor Halvorssen is known worldwide as one of the most influential voices for human rights on the planet. Thor Halvorssen is one of those rare people who is willing to risk his life for the rights of others, as he has demonstrated on several occasions. His tireless efforts have resulted in the betterment of the lives for millions of people.

Thor Halvorssen comes from a family deeply rooted in protecting the rights of others; his family history would read like a good book. Both his father and mother have paid a high price for their efforts on behalf of others. They are a wealthy Venezuelan family who’s heritage goes back to the first president of Venezuela, Cristóbal Mendoza. Thor’s mother Hilda Mendoza is a decedent of Venezuela’s first president.

While attending a peaceful demonstration supporting the recall of Hugo Chávez in 2004, she was shot and wounded by bullets fired by government supporters. Thor’s father was arrested, beaten and tortured for his efforts to investigate the Medellín cartel. After spending seventy-four days in a Caracas jail, he was eventually released with the help of organizations like Amnesty International and found innocent of all charges.

He has lectured on human rights at such prestigious venues as The United Nations Association, the American Enterprise Institute, and British parliament. In 1999 Thor became the first director of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE).

While serving as head of the foundation, he was able to bring together both conservative and libertarian organizations that support human rights. Among those organizations is the Heritage Foundation, and the American Civil Liberties Union. Thor has a track record of backing individuals on both sides of the political spectrum, right and left.

Resigning his position as head of FIRE in 2004 Thor joined the effort to establish a human rights organization that would advocate for freedom of self-determination and freedom from tyranny.

The Human Rights Foundation (HRF) formed in 2005 named Thor Halvorssen as president. The foundation has among its member’s such luminaries as Elie Wiesel, and Harry Wu, both well-known prisoners of conscience. Halvorssen is a frequent critic of China, Taiwan, Uganda and many other countries that allow human rights violations. Read more: Thor Halvorssen | LinkedIn

Thor continues his tireless efforts for human rights as head of the Oslo Freedom Forum, an annual gathering of human rights advocates from around the world. Dictators and tyrants, no matter where they are, know they can’t hide from Thor Halvorssen.

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Transform Your Life with Kabbalah

For those of us living in the fast-paced, stressed-out society of the United States, it can be a challenge to take the time to alter our routines in order to make life fulfilling. Change often seems impossible, and we feel permanently stuck, whether it be in our careers, our relationships, or other circumstances which we feel are out of our control.


Kabbalah, however, provides us with ancient divine secrets from God Himself. According to Kabbalah, change is not only possible, it is simple and quick when we begin realigning ourselves with our true spiritual purpose. Kabbalah teaches that each of us was born with a unique purpose, and that our purpose comes directly from a higher being. Our connection to that higher being exists forever, and by staying in touch with that spiritual relationship, our higher purpose will be unveiled before our eyes.


The teachings of Kabbalah inform us that there are secrets in the universe which dictate our destinies, and can be discovered through universal truths surrounding us, in the form of things such as astrology.


Kabbalah teachings demand from us that we shed our egotistical desires in order to focus on the pure spiritual desires of our souls. When we base all of our desires on material possessions, we are destined to be disappointed. By learning to live a life which is in touch with our true spiritual purpose, free of superficial wants, our lives will be quickly transformed.


Those looking to be more in touch with their higher purposes should look into studying Kabbalah more intently. At the Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles, California, experienced spiritual mentors are connecting individuals in need of serious life changes with ancient spiritual teachings and truths. At the Kabbalah Centre, lives are being transformed daily, thanks to high standards of teaching through various work shops and seminars.


The Kabbalah Centre has been changing lives for the better since 1984, and its staff is a multi-ethnic body of knowledgeable teachers who are devoted to enriching the lives of others through kabbalistic guidance.

George Soros Planning for Payback

George Soros was influenced in his political ambitions by an unusual case. Donald Trump won the America Presidency. George Soros is an extremely wealthy man. $24.9 billion is enough to buy 70 brand new 747 jumbo jets. How is he going to apply all that cash? Naturally, Trump must suffer. Trump is after all a racist neo Nazi, or so his critics say. In the Mandarin hotel in Washington D.C., a huge flock of lefties gathered to grieve their loss. Geore Soros headed up the group. Soros represents their hope in fighting the renegade billionaire who now is poised to take the reins of one of the last superpowers on earth. It takes billions to fight billions after all. While outside observers may scoff at the silliness of American democracy, it is a classic example of the flaw inherent to all democracies.

George Soros is going to assist the left in employing a strategic opposition to Donald Trump’s first 100 days in office. Trump has loudly boasted of reversing the Obama administration’s primary goals of achieving government sponsored healthcare and protection for undocumented immigrants.

Sadly, Greek political philosophy does not ring a bell in the minds of the quacking geese in Washington. People on both sides of the aisle are vowing to create problems for the new government. It does not really matter who is in power, just as long as a vocal minority is out of power.

George Soros has tried to help the poor. In this situation, it seems that the poor of Mexican heritage will suffer the most. Trump has talked about violently deporting immigrants and then building a wall along the Southern border. Perhaps Soros’ billions could go to causing a little crack to appear in the fence when it appears in Congress. That would be a good usage of funds. There are millions of people who contribute to the American economy in quiet ways who will be permanently impaired if Trump’s wall continues to move ahead. Those who do not learn from the past will repeat it, as the saying goes.

We can sadly mourn the continuing decline of what was supposed to be a Federal Constitutional Republic. George Soros will not mind. Neither will Donald Trump.

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Using Wi-Fi Can Extend The Data On the FreedomPop Free Wireless Plan

In the past, anyone who’s ever used FreedomPop services that included the free cell phone service may have constantly complained about the low amount of data that they received. Some may not have even noticed the data allotment because they did one of two things. In certain cases, a person may have had no need for the data and only consumed it when they sent text messages, so they were able to deal with the low amount of data they were getting. In other cases, a customer would be using Wi-Fi services to give them unlimited data on the free service plan.


With the updated cell phone plans that’s in a FreedomPop review, there is no need for a customer to stay with the free plan if they feel that they have the need for more data and talk time. Even though the text messages for the free plan is now completely unlimited, the customer will still have to check how many text messages they send because it can affect the data that they use. Being able to utilize Wi-Fi services is an excellent way to extend the data on the free plan to be unlimited, especially if it’s 4G LTE data.


Another great way to get unlimited data from FreedomPop is by using their Wi-Fi service, which has unlimited data for only five dollars every month at 3G and 4G speeds. Since FreedomPop has over 10 million different hotspots that any user can connect to, it’s rare that the user will have to worry about being able to find Wi-Fi service.


The plan costs $19.99 and comes with 1 GB of data that is at 4G LTE speeds but has unlimited 3G speeds afterwards. The unlimited everything plan will the able to keep up with the needs of the user who wants unlimited data but will still give unlimited talk time and text messages. It’s also worth mentioning the plan in between the free plan and the unlimited everything plan, which is the unlimited plan that has unlimited talk time and text messages with 500 MB of data. This plan costs $10.99 per month and can also be used with any Wi-Fi services.