The Incident That Gave Rise To The Lacey And Larkin Frontera Fund

Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin are two people who are trying to make a difference in the society in America. The duo founded the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund which is an organization that attempts to help those who have had any wrongful convictions thrust upon them.

A large number of people in the country are regularly subjected to physical and mental torture as a result of racial discrimination. Minority groups in particular fall victim to this injustice. Lacey and Larkin, both hail from the Hispanic community and have been victims of this kind of discrimination, which is why they decided to start up the Fonterra Fund. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

The incident that gave rise to the formation of the Fonterra fund was the arrest of Lacey and Larkin which warranted the widespread agitation in the minds of the Hispanic people. Both of them were residents of the United States, living in the state of Arizona. At the time, the sheriff in charge was Joe Arpaio, who was also known to be one of the toughest sheriffs in the United States.

He was the sheriff who had put away one of the largest numbers of people in the country, which is what garnered him the reputation that he had. However, people started noticing a pattern in the arrests that he was conducting. A vast majority of the people that Joe Arpaio was arresting were coming from parts of Latin America.

What was even more shocking was that in most of the arrests that he conducted, the people claimed to have done nothing wrong and were there not because of their wrongdoingd. Outraged by this, Lacey and Larkin both took to the agency that they were working for at the time to write about this and made people aware of the injustice that was being done.

Soon after their article was published, Lacey and Larkin were both picked up from their homes and were forced into two separate vans without being told what they were taken for. They were being given threats at the time, which would be forced upon them if they did not cooperate. They were then taken to two separate holding places which were both under the command of Joe Arpaio. It was only after forty-eight hours of their arrest that they were told that they were in for the article that they had published.

Lacey and Larkin decided to file a suit against Joe Arpaio for the injustice that he inflicted upon them. The incident made it clear that Joe did, in fact, want to discriminate against people belonging to the Hispanic community, which is why he did what he did. Lacey and Larkin did eventually win the case and were awarded a settlement as compensation for what was done to them.

However, Lacey and Larkin realized that even though they might have received justice, not everyone is like them, and more often than not, people are sent to prison for this kind of discrimination, for no fault of their own and therefore set up the Fonterra Fund to help those in need.

Doe Deere Succesfully Plans Her Life Like She Does Her Business

Doe Deere is a very successful businesswomen and founder of the infamous beauty line Lime Crime. Of course, she maintains her success by planning out almost every single minute of her day. This allows her to make time for her work, herself, and many of her relationships.

First, she starts by waking herself up with an internal alarm clock at 8:30AM. She gets about nine hours of sleep, which is the perfect amount for her body to perform at maximum function. She starts with a glass of water and stretches. Trying to get a little bit of exercise. Deere also makes time for her two cats, Puffy Fluffles and Chester Von Battingham, they are her fur babies. Like many regular people, she enjoys breakfast. Her go to meals are grits, fruit, and yogurt. Sometimes she prefers to keep it simple.

One of Deere’s less simple aspects of life is her cell phone. She uses it daily to stay up to date on work functions and the tasks she has planned for the day. When she starts her beauty routine, she throws the phone aside and blasts The Beatles. She loves to moisturize before anything else. Her favorite foundations to use are L’Oreal and MAC but she hopes to develop her own line soon. Of course, after Foundation comes the eyebrows, blush and lipstick. This is the creative and self expressive style Doe Deere gets to show off every day. She prefers to use lipsticks from the Lime Crime brand and can take anywhere from 15 minutes to one hour to apply a full face of makeup.

Once at work, which is usually around noon, she performs her daily tasks, meetings, and socializes with everyone at the office. She always makes time for lunch and does her best to leave work by 6PM. She prefers to shower later on the evenings so she can have more time in the morning to style and show off her gorgeous purple hair. The life of a successful CEO can sound extremely hard and busy at times, but Lime Crime’s Doe Deere has the process down to a T.


Bruno Fagali And His Thriving Legal Practice

     Bruno Fagali is one of the finest lawyers in all of Brazil, and he has a thriving practice that ensures the country is growing its businesses properly. The businesses that hire Bruno to help them will ask him to sit in their boardrooms, and he will show you them how to comply with current laws in the country. The nation is growing quite a lot because of the Olympics and World Cup, and this article explains how Bruno makes businesses easier to manage.


#1: Bruno’s Corporate Side


Bruno has a corporate side that he uses to serve those who hire him. He will sit in with the leadership of the companies he represents, and he teaches them how to comply with current laws. There are many companies who must have Bruno help them, and he will represent them in any business matters that are relevant.


#2: Bruno’s Private Clients


Bruno has a number of private clients who require his services, and he will help them manage small companies or issues related to finances. There are many laws on the books in Brazil that Bruno is familiar with in this area, and he will help his clients understand how they must adapt. The adaptation of businesses to current laws will ensure law and order is preserved in the country as commerce continues to increase.


#3: Bruno’s High Profile


The high profile that Bruno keeps is something that brings him new clients every day. He believes that it is important for his clients to have the finest representation, and he keeps his high profile by speaking to as many people as possible, taking on many cases and growing his practice as fast as possible.


Someone who has hires Bruno Fagali for help with their business or personal interests will learn quite a lot about the law in Brazil, and he will offer quite a lot of advice to each new client. He sits in with a number of different companies to advise on policy, and he will continue to grow a practice that is one of the largest and most-productive in the country.


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How is Securus Technologies Changing The World of Communications? Read More To Find Out.

Whether you know it or not, visitation sessions between inmates and their visitors can be very intimate, especially depending on the type of relationship that exists between the two parties. This is why it’s highly recommended for anyone who may be in the midst of setting up a visitation appointment to see whether there is an option available to them in which they may be able to utilize a program called Securus Technologies.


If you’re never heard about Securus Technologies, then it may be beneficial for you to either visit the website, continue reading here, or a mixture of both. Securus Technologies has been designed to allow inmates to engage in conversations in a visitation session/mode via videoconferencing sessions in which their visitors do not have to leave the premises of their properties if they don’t want to. At the same time, it’s highly recommended for individuals to know that although they can engage in typical forms of visitation sessions in which they’re required to visit the correctional facility physically, Securus Technologies offers one of the most convenient forms of communications for anyone who may be interested in having it installed onto one of their compatible devices


Securus Technologies consists of a form of technology that has been created with some of today’s highest levels/protocols of safe, fast, and secure forms of communications in which the conversations that are conducted on them are totally secure and fast for its immediate users to utilize. Not only are its immediate users able to benefit from this specially designed communications platform, so are entire communities due to law enforcement agencies having capabilities of monitoring and utilizing the visitation/chat sessions in court to proceed with investigative matters should it be necessary. Be sure to chat with a help desk representative to receive the assistance that you may be needing to begin communicating today.


Madison Street Capital Announces The Completion Of The Merger Between Software Industry’s Giants

In the recently concluded merger between DCG Software Value and The Spitfire Group, Madison Street Capital served as the financial advisor. DCG Software Value is a provider of software management, software estimation value, and function point analysis services. The Spitfire Group is a business-oriented technology consulting firm. The corporation is headquartered in Denver. The successful transaction was announced by Madison Street’s chief executive officer, Charles Botchway. However, the terms of the deal were not disclosed by the parties involved.


Botchway praised the experienced and high-quality management teams of the two companies. According to the CEO, both companies have great potential and have achieved much success under their current management leaders. The team at DCG Software Value is headed by Mike Harris while Mark Ritchtermeyer is the chief executive officer of Spitfire. This information was originally mentioned on as outlined in this link


Jay Rogers headed the team from Madison Street that provided financial advisory services during the transaction. Jay is an executive leader of the international investment bank. Harris expressed his eagerness to work with Mike Harris. He also promised to continue using the bank’s innovative services. Its staff adheres to the professional code of conduct in the industry.


DCG Software value was founded in 1994. In the last two decades, the firm has remained as one of the key providers of software quality management, agile support, and software analytics services. These solutions have ensured that the company’s clients are in the position to make informed decisions about their businesses. Owing to their world-class products and services, DCG Software has continued to enhance its bottom line, thus dominating the competitive software market. The corporation is headquartered in Malvern, PA. The entity has an office in the United Kingdom. The company is the operating arm of Objective Integrity, which is based in Pennsylvania.


About Madison Street Capital

Madison Street is a Chicago-based international investment banking corporation. Madison Street Capital reputation in the financial sector has been enhanced by its commitment to excellence, integrity, and visionary leadership. Madison Street Capital provides merger and acquisition services, corporate financial advisory, financial opinions, and valuation services to private and public companies. Increased demand of its products and services has seen the company open new offices in Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America. The corporation has been zeroing on penetrating the emerging markets. Madison Street has also re-engineered its investment to satisfy the utility of clients found in such markets. The company has enlisted the services of experienced financial experts who have played a significant role in augmenting its services.


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George Soros Gives Billions to New Liberal Fund

George Soros, the Hungarian billionaire who frequently supports liberal political causes in the United States, has recently become the subject of a media frenzy following his public support of several newly developed organizations. One organization in particular, Media Matters, has recently become relevant to many media outlets in a relatively small amount of time. Soros’ support of Media Matters has been applauded and defended by several reputable news outlets including MSNBC, The Washington Post, and The New York Times. The billionaire recently discussed his motives for supporting Media Matters and announced his intentions of financially backing other major left leaning media contributors in the very near future.

Media Matters

Media Matters is a self-proclaimed watchdog media group that operates legally as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and reports, analyzes, and corrects conservative “misinformation” as seen on major news networks like Fox News. The virtual news organization was developed in 2004 with a mission of attacking major news stories printed by reporters with whom they disagreed. Media Matters quickly expanded to include its founding reporter, David Brock, as well as other notable progressive reporters. The company gained relevance and funding through leftist think tanks like the Center for American Progress and the Service Employee International Union. Liberals at the top of the American government spectrum like Hilary Clinton and George Soros donated heavily to the news organization, causing it to grow rapidly from a small coverage site to a federally relevant news outlet. Read more about George’s life story at

Soros’ Alignment

During his recent discussion on the importance of news outlets like Media Matters, George Soros stated that his funding of the organization occurred primarily because he strongly affirmed the organizations values. For decades since his initial entrance into the United States political arena, George Soros has actively engaged and embraced leftist principals and ideologies. Following the election of President Donald J. Trump in November of 2016, Soros contributed one of the largest donations to liberal organizations ever made in the country’s political history. The businessman expressed his concern about the current presidential administration during his discussion of his most recent donations. He stated that contributions from wealthy individuals who support the liberal cause were crucial to a successful interference with the new conservative administration. Leaders at Media Matters have praised Soros’ contributions to the organization in the wake of this new regime.

Future Plans

George Soros also discussed his plans for future involvement with Media Matters and other liberal think tanks that produce anti-conservative literature. Soros stated that his loyalty has always been with the Democratic political party for the past several decades and that he will continue to support leftists’ activists. Soros has made it his mission to progress the American society through the funding of liberal causes. Know more about George Soros on Investopedia.