Enhance Athlete Making A Break through

Enhanced Athlete is a lifestyle fitness brand for body builders, fitness fanatics or for those who want a leaner physique. Founded in 2015 by Dr. Tony Hughes. Enhanced Athlete popularity has become a multi-million global leading distribution company of fat burning and muscle building products  and health products. Developed by Dr. Tony Hughes and Enhance Athlete’s staff. Enhance provides a full package program with top training coaches, access to available fat burning muscle building workout gear and access to affiliated Enhance Athlete’s partners.


Enhance coaching was built to get the body you want in the most economical way. Industries best coaches are available to you by via internet or in person from affiliated companies, such as Enhance Athlete DNP and Dinitro shop just to name a few. The Enhance coaching program offers a personal plan, diet/meal prep, workout regiment and access to a wide variety of Enhance webstore gear, products  and nutritional health products.


Enhance Athlete defeats Nutrition Distribution in case. As for many other  companies. In 2017 a lawsuit was brought by the serial plaintiff Nutritional Distribution LLCV. In forwarding demands towards a settlement claim against Enhanced Athlete. Nutritional Distribution claim to be the leader in the  distribution industry and the sales that represent the company’s body building has been a down fall by the false advertising by its competitors. Enhanced Athlete argues that Nutritional Distribution cannot and were never able to show vial proof of any hardship because there is no causal link to their claim.


Nutritional Distribution moved for a chief injunction towards the claim of the argument against Enhance Athlete in asking for a settlement for hardship recovery, due to false advertising of the body building nutritional product. The motion for injunction was denied by the judge, stating that they agree with Enhanced Athlete argument in Nutritional Distribution not having any proof of hardship or damage towards their claim and there is no causal connection between Enhanced Athlete’s product and marketing Nutrition Distribution decreasing sales. CEO, Scott Cavell, states that “Enhance Athlete is not going to be the next victim of Nutrition Distribution shake down scheme.”


Today Enhance Athlete continues to help thousands who want to live a healthy lifestyle gaining a desired physique, longevity and having fun doing it.

Hussain Sajwani Learns from Failure

As the Founder and Chairman of DAMAC Properties, which since its inception, has become one of the top property development companies in existence, Hussain Sajwani has constantly utilized his staunch ability for forward-thought, to elevate his company. Mr. Sajwani attended The University of Washington, where he studied Economics and Industrial Engineering, but upon graduating, he returned to the Middle East, taking a job with Abu Dhabi Gas Industries. After two years working in the financial sector, he would strike out on his own, using funds garnered during his college years, where he sold time-share apartments, to create, what is now known as Global Logistics Services. Today, Global Logistics Services provides meals for a number of regions around the world, including Africa, the Middle East, and the Commonwealth of Independent States, serving over 150,000 meals each day. Currently, Hussain Sajwani’s primary company, DAMAC Properties, services a number of global cities, including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Beirut, London, and Doha, holding a development portfolio that consists of over 44,000 units. In a recent Q & A session, Mr. Sajwani discussed his career today, covering successes and failures, while also breaking down how they’ve attributed to his status as one of the most influential Arabs in the world today.


As a youth, Hussain Sajwani developed a taste for entrepreneurship, due to the many after-school hours spent working with his father at his business. Over the years, this entrepreneurial spirit would manifest into a growing interest in real estate, eventually leading to the launching of DAMAC Properties in 2002. Mr. Sajwani constantly looks to the future, often imagining the economic infrastructure of Dubai in the next twenty years. This unique system of forward-thought has allowed him to consistently bring his ideas to fruition with great success. In order to ensure that he remains productive, Hussain Sajwani often travels, believing that this allows him to gain a greater understanding of the world and how it operates. For a man who’s experienced such a high level of success over the course of his career, he often looks to his failures, not with regret, but in appreciation due to the effect that they’ve had on creating his current condition.

Hussain Sajwani: Owner of DAMAC Properties

Managing a real estate company is not a simple process. Few people have the knowledge or skills to lead a company. Hussain Sajwani is the owner of DAMAC Properties. Over the years, he has worked hard to increase sales at the company.


DAMAC Properties builds luxury homes in Dubai. Dubai is the perfect city to start a company in for new business owners. Economic growth is high, and the people who live in Dubai have the disposable income to purchase luxury homes.


Although Hussain Sajwani has a successful company, he still spends time looking for real estate deals. He is passionate about real estate investing. He believes that investing in real estate is a proven way to build wealth.



Business Basics

Hussain Sajwani enjoys interacting with customers during the building process. Building a new home is an exciting time for most people. In Dubai, luxury homes are in high demand. Some home builders struggle to meet the needs of customers.


Dubai is starting to run out of space. Prices increase rapidly every year. Hussain Sajwani purchased available land many years ago. The open land allows him to build homes in valuable areas.



Investing Options

Investing in real estate is not easy in Dubai. With the competition for new homes, investors must act quickly to secure a deal.


Hussain Sajwani started investing in real estate early in his career. It was difficult for Hussain Sajwani to get approved for an investment loan initially. He decided to use private equity to fund his real estate investments. He operates with almost no debt in his business or personal life. He made a significant business mistake in his youth that nearly bankrupted him. Hussain Sajwani is an excellent example of how to run a successful business while also helping the community.

Jed McCaleb: Renowned Blockchain Expert

Jed McCaleb is a renowned blockchain cryptocurrency expert and an American programmer. His contribution in the cryptocurrency world are well acknowledged. He started Mt. Gox which is the first bitcoin exchange in the world. He has been involved in pioneer projects like eDonkey, decentralized peer to peer file sharing network. Jed McCaleb developed the eDonkey in 2000. Jed McCaleb is the advisor to MIRI. MIRI is used to research on artificial intelligence for positive impact.

Jed McCaleb with the stellar venture.

Jed McCaleb embarked on the newest venture, Stellar, in the year 2014. Development of Stellar Development was triggered by the flaws that Jed McCaleb and his co-founder Joyce Kim identified in the global financial system. Currently, he serves as the CTO and the co-founder of the foundation. Stellar development foundation aimed at being the universal financial network which focused on increasing economic inclusion. Jed McCaleb led the foundation in technical development by playing two roles. When he is not building on Stellar’s technical aspects of the team and not coding, he is always busy responding to all things with the business and emails. Stellar development foundation received support from stellar.org, an organization that combines digital financial literacy and technology. Jed McCaleb is passionate about the development of the existing technology and using technology to solve problems.

How Jed McCaleb started Stellar.

Jed stated that he realized the idea of stellar after identifying what bitcoin was and using technology in all the problems involved with bitcoins. He aimed at connecting all the financial institutions rather than just creating a new digital currency. That idea led to the development of the stellar foundation. He decided to invent an open source financial network which would connect financial institutions. The main objective of the stellar foundation was to connect all those investors currently unbanked in the world. It makes it possible for all the linked institutions to bid services to the unbanked population.

Joel Friant: Serial Entrepreneur turned Spice Inventor

Joel Friant is a steady hardworking indivual, who is known throughout the internet globally, as a serial entrepreneur, small business owner, and a free-market enthusiast. This particular individual loves eating habanero peppers, enjoys cooking Thai food cuisine, and is the creator to his own flagship product the Original Habanero Shaker.


The idea of the Original Habanero Shaker started when a friend of his from high school introduced the habanero pepper over to Joel Friant. He took one bite out of the habanero pepper and it was in that that very moment, Joel Friant realized he had a brilliant idea. He immediately became hooked on the habanero pepper and wanted to work on his idea, but it wasn’t took some time before he accomplish his goals. This is how the idea of the Original Habanero Shaker product started to evolve.


Joel Friant decided to open up a restaurant business in 1995, so that he could learn more about the food industry. Then later on, he focused on developing his project for the habanero shaker.


He eventually had to travel over to Jamaica, to try the various types of habanero peppers. His idea was to create a habanero shaker that was made with 100% real habanero. It was then broken down into habanero flakes by harvesting the peppers when the plant is dry, ripe, and mature. A few years later, Joel Friant his product the Original Habanero was released in the grocery stores.


This multi-talented entrepreneur in 2012 also put his hard work into learning how to sell online with Amazon and eBay where he stumbled across e-commerce and he realized he had a better chance at selling his product through there as well. Sure enough his plans of the Original Habanero Shaker turned out to be a success. Joel Friant is currently finding new ways to improving the taste from the Original Habanero Shaker.

AvaTrade Review: The Trading Company That Excels

AvaTrade is an online CFD and forex broker that is dedicated to its clients by providing made-to-order trading solutions. Located in Dublin Ireland and established in 2006 it is licensed and regulated in the EU and BVI. It has offices worldwide and it services more than 150 countries.


Without prior knowledge or experience, AvaTrade clients can start trading on any of the available platforms with confidence. The comprehensive educational training systems are kept updated with fresh content including trading styles, money management, and online trading to name a few. This training will give you the jump start needed to become an AvaTrade trader while trading with a company that excels in every aspect of online trading.


A wide selection of platforms is offered both manual and automated. These platforms give access to more than 250 trading instruments, analytical tools, and charts. The user-friendly platform will allow you to start trading immediately. AvaTrade’s customer support is an intuitive simple interface with an added expert support staff that is available 24 hours per day, five days per week. With staffers that speak 12 languages, traders receive answers quickly and clearly.


AvaTradeAce is a mobile application that includes all the features of the desktop application. Traders can use all the instruments used in trading, the account details, charting and trading signals from both iPhone and Android apps. AvaTrade trading proves to be trading with a reputable broker, this gives more reasons for trading cryptocurrencies with AvaTrade.


Transmissions are not charged a commission, this yields more profit. Trading with AvaTrade means you are trading on the price of the digital coin not purchasing it.


AvaTrade has been in the industry for 11 years and has won many awards making a stand out among other brokers. Putting safety first above all makes AvaTrade the choice for being a part of this international financial group.



The Oxford Club: 4 Main Investment Strategies

Oxford Club is a group of entrepreneurs who share similar ambitions about developing their businesses and increasing their wealth. The group has developed tested strategies on how to invest without making losses. The members of Oxford Club meet occasionally and discuss different measures that they can undertake to ensure that their entities thrive. They also talk about the various locations where it is viable to begin successful business enterprises. Most of the group’s members invest in stocks, surety bonds, precious metals, real estate and cryptocurrencies. All members boast of having hugely benefited from this club. Its strategists are its most significant asset as they are responsible for developing the means of achieving their goals. The association has four main investment strategies that include the following:

  1. Diversification.

The Club knows that for an entrepreneur to survive the different challenges that are experienced in business, it is imperative to have numerous investments. This ensures that one is financially safe at all times as different business experience ups and downs at varying times. Oxford Club identifies these different types of profitable ventures and informs the members about them. It also helps members to prioritize the business entities that are lucrative at a particular period.

  1. Exit Plan.

Lack of an exit plan is the primary reason why businesses dwindle in stagnation even when they are making no profit. Oxford Club encourages their members to have a way to move out of a business that is not delivering as it was projected on the business plan. They encourage one to try out different options of rescuing the company before thinking of discarding it and starting a new one. If this doesn’t work, Oxford Club provides options for profitable entities that are worth trying out.

  1. Checking the business size.

Oxford club encourages members to try out investments that they can comfortably manage without overstretching their financial capabilities. They believe that it’s better to have a small business that is manageable than instead of a large one that is not up to standard.

  1. Cost Cutting

Cost reduction in production is meant to maximize profits. This is a strategy that Oxford Club encourages its members to embrace and practice always to ensure their businesses are sustainable for long.

Siteline Cabinetry Is A Powerful Manufacturer In The USA

In 2015, experienced businessman Pat Corsi founded Siteline Cabinetry, a manufacturer, and distributor of custom-made cabinets. Its only manufacturing plant is housed in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, in Keysville, Virginia, where workers are focused on providing the highest-quality cabinets they possibly can to the similarly hard-working people of the United States of America.


Instead of outsourcing production to a foreign country, Pat Corsi recognizes high value in retaining control of manufacturing right here, in none other than the home of the free and land of the brave, the United States of America.


On the first of March 2018, Donald Trump promised to levy tariffs against imported steel and aluminum coming into the United States. Even though Siteline Cabinetry uses very little metal in its manufacturing of cabinets made custom for clients, its founder Pat Corsi wants to keep manufacturing in America because, if tariffs make their way into actuality, the economy of the United States will undoubtedly be harmed, with manufacturers soon to be forced to fire employees in the name of maintaining acceptable levels of profits.


While the vision and kindness of some businesses are just as great as that of the team at Siteline Cabinetry, the finished goods that they put out aren’t always as great. However, this can’t be said for Siteline Cabinetry, as its cabinets are widely remarked as having some of the greatest quality across the Southeast, Northeast, East Coast, and Midwest regions of the United States.


Siteline Cabinetry uses some 290 unique materials in crafting its quality cabinets, granting customers the ability to choose exactly what will find its way into their homes. The company doesn’t manufacture its cabinets ahead of time either, and never stows such pre-manufactured products in warehouses, under which they could get damaged permanently.


Rather, Siteline Cabinetry waits for its many orders to come in, then ships them directly to consumers after they’ve worked with nearby cabinetry dealers to find the products that they know they want.


All products shipped out of the Keysville, Virginia plant are certified to be good for life, and carry a no-questions-asked lifetime warranty.

Trabuco- The World’s Ancient Weapon That Existed In The Middle Age

The Trabuco is a weapon that was created from the sling mechanism of firing shots in the 4th century. The war machine was a discovery of the Chinese who improved the old sling to fire much heavier projectiles to cause damage. The Trabuco war machine worked by hurling loads aimed at the masonry wall of their opponents. Also, the loads fired were not only stones, but the armies would also shoot fireballs, human skulls, and even corpses.

Trabuco Machine Usage and its Abandonment

The Trabuco war machine was later taken up by the Europeans around the 600 AD. The war machine remained in use for a period close to 1000 years before the discovery of the gunpowder by the Chinese in the 13th century. It is believed that the Trabuco war machine had a great influence in developing the modern day artillery. Its shooting concept was utilized to build the modern artillery which was used during the World War I and World War II. Again, the war machine was also used during religious crusades between the Muslims and Christians.

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The Two Types of Trabuco that were Invented

The first Trabuco that the Chinese assembled was simple to construct where they only required putting together the parts then they could pull the ropes to fire missiles. This type was referred to as the traction Trabuco or tensile Trabuco as it was human strength that purely operated it. The Trabuco machine had its pros and cons, but the only problem was that its disadvantages outweighed its advantages. While the war machine could fire up to four times in a minute, it required many people to operate which made it hard to coordinate the individuals. It was later abandoned due to the frustrations encountered during its operation according to infoescola.com.

The Arab traders later acquired it and took it to the Middle East where the war weapon was re-modeled to what was known as the balancing Trabuco. The modified Trabuco had its working mechanism replaced with a counterweight instead of people which made it much easier in its usage. The machine could handle weights of 140 pounds to more than 80 meters away causing a lot of damage to the enemies during battles. Additionally, the Trabuco hurled objects by converting the potential energy to kinetic energy to fire missiles to the enemies.

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