The Future of the Academy of Art University

The Future of Fashion: Academy of Art University NYFW Shows article praises the successful fashion debuts from 10 students who attends the Academy of Art University. These ten students amazed audience members including fashion influencers like Ms. J Alexander with their stunning collections. There was five womenswear, two menswear and other collaborations that were presented at this year’s Fashion Week. The students came from all over the world from China to Mexico to California. A number of students were named CFDA Fashion Future Graduate Showcase which is a very big complement to those students.

The Academy of Art University is located in San Francisco, California where they offer associates, bachelors and master’s degree in all area of art forms from game design to fine arts to fashion. This school was founded in 1929 by Richard S. Stephens, a painter and magazine editor. This school was originally the Academy of Advertising. It is a for-profit, privately owned school, who lives by the motto “Built by artist for artist”.

The Academy of Art University has a main campus on New Montgomery Street in the South of Market district but also has online classes as well. Their school colors are black and red and they are a part of NCAA division II sports which their sports team are the Urban Knights.. They even have a former student who is a Canadian Olympic sprinter by the name of Mobolade Ajomale. This school has a couple of awards for their indoor and cross-country track teams. Elisa Stephens is the current President and a decedent of the creator Richard S. Stephens.

This school is deeply involved with Fashion Week and has been participating in Fashion week since 2005 on a bi-annually bases. The Fashion school of the Academy of Art host a runway showcases at the Skylight Clarkson Square. The Academy of Art University fashion students and the CFDA are very involved and a lot of their students receive awards from the CFDA. Alot of students from this school participate in amazing internships with top fashion companies.


Bridget Scarr the Executive Producer at the Colibri Studios in London in the United Kingdom is both a writer and a creative producer who is passionate in developing attention-grabbing contents. Bridget is a skilled Film Producer, Brand Communicator, Creative Developer, Business Manager and Marketer among others. She has also worked on a number of projects which include augmented reality, interactive exhibition, digital content and virtual reality which have moved people intellectually as well as emotionally.



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