AvaTrade Review: The Trading Company That Excels

AvaTrade is an online CFD and forex broker that is dedicated to its clients by providing made-to-order trading solutions. Located in Dublin Ireland and established in 2006 it is licensed and regulated in the EU and BVI. It has offices worldwide and it services more than 150 countries.


Without prior knowledge or experience, AvaTrade clients can start trading on any of the available platforms with confidence. The comprehensive educational training systems are kept updated with fresh content including trading styles, money management, and online trading to name a few. This training will give you the jump start needed to become an AvaTrade trader while trading with a company that excels in every aspect of online trading.


A wide selection of platforms is offered both manual and automated. These platforms give access to more than 250 trading instruments, analytical tools, and charts. The user-friendly platform will allow you to start trading immediately. AvaTrade’s customer support is an intuitive simple interface with an added expert support staff that is available 24 hours per day, five days per week. With staffers that speak 12 languages, traders receive answers quickly and clearly.


AvaTradeAce is a mobile application that includes all the features of the desktop application. Traders can use all the instruments used in trading, the account details, charting and trading signals from both iPhone and Android apps. AvaTrade trading proves to be trading with a reputable broker, this gives more reasons for trading cryptocurrencies with AvaTrade.


Transmissions are not charged a commission, this yields more profit. Trading with AvaTrade means you are trading on the price of the digital coin not purchasing it.


AvaTrade has been in the industry for 11 years and has won many awards making a stand out among other brokers. Putting safety first above all makes AvaTrade the choice for being a part of this international financial group.



Monkey Capital and Daniel Mark Harrison Lead the Way in Pre-ICO Options

What is the latest and red hot decentralized hedge fund out there making the rounds? That would be Monkey Capital, who stands apart from the others, with a most impressive lineup of management never seen before. Daniel Mark Harrison, and his leadership team, have put Monkey Capital out in the front, even recently confirming that Monkey.com is the official domain for the company. Along with partners Marcelo Garcia-Casil and Darshan Vyas, Harrison is taking his Singapore-based hedge fund company to the next level.

How did they obtain the new domain name? An American Company recently sold Monkey Capital the rights to use the domain name, after that company had used it since 1994. According to Harrison, the new domain name (at a $500,000 price tag) was a bargain for what the name will deliver Monkey Capital over the next decade. He says they are working close with the original domain owner, who is also a digital media expert, to ensure that maximum impact is had with this purchase. Incidentally, Monet Capital (Monkey) is also becoming a leader in Blockchain development.

So let’s get a little history on Mark Daniel Harrison. Harrison is a famed entrepreneur, as well as media expert and author. He is currently chairman and CEO of Daniel Mark Harrison Co (DMH&CO). This is a family office with operations in Bangkok, Hong Kong and Singapore. Harrison is also managing partner for Monkey Capital and Fintech. Monkey Capital is known for investing in SpaceX supply contracts and Blockchain systems.

The market has gotten excited over Monkey Capital. Why? Well, because Monkey is the first of its kind of company that speculates on crypt blocks and effectively selling pre-ICO options. Harrison and his team have a unique blend running high quality operations, promoting and selling compelling projects and an all-star management group that brings in real world benefits.In fact, Monkey Capital has received five star ratings as the top rated hedge fund company in the United States. Monkey Capital has also been branded “billion dollar baboon” by Huffington Post because of the company’s plan to raise more than a billion dollars. This company has taken the market by storm, and continues to improve in the very market it helped create.

Daniel Mark Harrison: Investment Reinvention

The oldest of the Harrison family, Daniel Mark Harrison, has more than carried on the family name. His family found the largest UK security printer up until it was sold. Harrison studied Theology at Oxford University and holds an MBA from Business Institute in Oslo.

Man at the Helm
Harrison sits at the head of House of Harrison Plc. The company deals in residential real estate and boasts more than $200 Million in residential property. He founded Daniel Mark Harrison & Company in 2015. The company, for which he serves as chair and CEO, caters to the ultra high and high net worth foreign investors. Harrison’s company deals in project management and property development in addition to specialized financial plans. It operates out of Hong Kong, Bangkok, and Singapore.

Daniel Mark Harrison is also a published author with highly rated books, one of which is Millennial Reincarnations. He has also contributed to significant publications like the Washington Post and Forbes. Established writers and journalists have great things to say about his writing. Mr. Mark Harrison grew up in Hong Kong and is a known visionary. He came up with the concept of Factory Banking and has also been on the forefront of the first ever successful Initial Coin Offering. Daniel deems this much less risky than traded shares.

Changing the Course of History
In a move to merge the financial and cryptocurrency markets with never seen before models, Monkey Capital seeks to invest in the latest cutting edge innovation. By buying ICO options, an investor is looking at a 40% return. Monkey Capital is a decentralized hedge fund specializing in Space contracts, hostile takeovers, and block chain.

Monkey Capital created a unique blend of the dream team, high-quality operations and exciting projects with real world benefits. The result of this was a first ever ten-digit sum raised in a crowd funding campaign. The team led by Daniel Mark Harrison and other industry giants has tapped into a futuristic money making venture. There is quite a bit of promise in Initial Coin Offering as a means to raise funding.