Jed McCaleb: Renowned Blockchain Expert

Jed McCaleb is a renowned blockchain cryptocurrency expert and an American programmer. His contribution in the cryptocurrency world are well acknowledged. He started Mt. Gox which is the first bitcoin exchange in the world. He has been involved in pioneer projects like eDonkey, decentralized peer to peer file sharing network. Jed McCaleb developed the eDonkey in 2000. Jed McCaleb is the advisor to MIRI. MIRI is used to research on artificial intelligence for positive impact.

Jed McCaleb with the stellar venture.

Jed McCaleb embarked on the newest venture, Stellar, in the year 2014. Development of Stellar Development was triggered by the flaws that Jed McCaleb and his co-founder Joyce Kim identified in the global financial system. Currently, he serves as the CTO and the co-founder of the foundation. Stellar development foundation aimed at being the universal financial network which focused on increasing economic inclusion. Jed McCaleb led the foundation in technical development by playing two roles. When he is not building on Stellar’s technical aspects of the team and not coding, he is always busy responding to all things with the business and emails. Stellar development foundation received support from, an organization that combines digital financial literacy and technology. Jed McCaleb is passionate about the development of the existing technology and using technology to solve problems.

How Jed McCaleb started Stellar.

Jed stated that he realized the idea of stellar after identifying what bitcoin was and using technology in all the problems involved with bitcoins. He aimed at connecting all the financial institutions rather than just creating a new digital currency. That idea led to the development of the stellar foundation. He decided to invent an open source financial network which would connect financial institutions. The main objective of the stellar foundation was to connect all those investors currently unbanked in the world. It makes it possible for all the linked institutions to bid services to the unbanked population.