WEN is a Great Daily Cleanser and Condition for People With Fine Hair

Hair care products are life for some people. The way fashion and trends with hairstyles change and peak daily, WEN seems to stay in the limelight with its rave reviews on Facebook. Some are skeptical and you can’t blame them. At the end of the day all hair care products promise the same thing and that’s celebrity type hair if you use that certain product. What better way to test the waters and use WEN hair for 7 days to see if the rumors were true. For a more detailed look at this week-long journey, click here.

Fine hair can be a pain to clean, style, and keep that healthy, lustrous glow. Hair is like skin, it takes all sorts of abuse daily. From color treatments, to heat tools, styling products full of harsh chemicals, being brushed several times a day, it is no wonder that by the end of the day it looks frizzed, burnt, and sometimes just over processed. Fine hair can be weighed down because of the type of products used on your hair. WEN didn’t seem to do that if the hair remained washed every day with it. I found that morning washing’s were best and if I skipped a day or two washing the hair, it looked greasy and stringy.

According to Wikipedia, Chaz Dean’s started off as a photographer that turned to hair as his next passion. He moved to Los Angeles where he opened his own salon that catered to celebrity clientele. He specialized in both cutting and color and wanted to look beyond that and create a product line aimed specifically at hair. That was when WEN was born. Chaz is constantly creating new products for the hair, styling hair at his own salon studio and at fashion shows and award shows. His goal is to change how people view their hair and have their hair become the hair they always wanted. Chaz sells his products exclusively on Sephora and other beauty stores. Online purchase can be done thru eBay (http://www.ebay.com/bhp/wen-hair-care) and Amazon.