The Financial Management Prowess Of Peter Briger

Peter Briger is a renowned leader with exceptional managerial skills. His major location is San Francisco, California, US. He manages the business in the San Francisco Bay Area, West Coast, and the Western US. He is the president and co-chair at the fortress credit cooperation.

He assumed the position of a co-chair of the board of the Fortress investment group in August 2009 three years after being appointed as the director of the Investment Company. His hard work has seen him bring notable developments in the firm.

He is , and over the recent years, he has been overly impressed by the various emerging trends that have been brought by the modern technology. Besides employing the use of the latter in the firm, Peter Briger has also employed the use of unique strategic approaches to manage risks at the Fortress Investment Group.

In December 2017, Peter rose up the scale to become the co-chief executive officer at the fortress. He is one man who understands the operations of Fortress to the core. His involvement in the company’s operations since 2002 has proved him to be a gem in the fortress.

The experience Peter Briger gathered from the Goldman Sach and Company for one and a half decade put him in the right position to handle more complex managerial responsibilities at the Fortress Investment Group.
Peter Briger has held many other positions in investments companies. He has gained vast skills in leadership and management over the past years. As a committed leader, he is passionate about teamwork.

Several committees acknowledge his presence as a great professional in finance. To mention a few; Japan Executive Committee, The Global Control, and Compliance committee among others.

Throughout his career, Peter Briger has been the instrumental change and a significant advisor to the institutions which he has served. The contribution he has put into active use is beyond New York City where his current workstation is based.

He has a firm education background which has enabled him to discharge professional statutory responsibilities worth applause. He attained his first-degree B.A at Princeton University and later on an MBA Wharton school of business at the University of Pennsylvania.

Debunking the Myths of Freedom Checks

Recently there has been commercials in the media advertising freedom checks. The adverts are describing how people are sharing a $34.6 billion-dollar fortune. The public has received this news with suspicion to the point that some have dismissed them as a scam. A contributing factor to this suspicion is due to the nature of the ads. Some of the ads have come across as overhyped and sensational. Learn more about Freedom Checks at

Matt Badiali, the man behind the idea of freedom checks, has featured in some adverts such as one where he appears to be holding a dummy check for $114,287. Matt has decades of experience in the business and geology world having started his journey at Penn State University where he studied Earth Sciences. He proceeded to Florida Atlantic University, where he earned a Master of Science in Geology. Afterward, he traveled all over the world visiting mines and, in the process, learned the art of investing.

The strategy used in the ads is meant to entice people to the point that they may think it is as simple as raising your hand and someone gives you money. But, freedom checks are investments that set themselves apart from other scams. This point can be backed up by the fact that it was introduced in a newsletter that deals with investments. Freedom checks are not a way of giving out money, but they carry a potential of rewarding handsomely after putting your resource in them.

The secret in this type of investment is commitment. One ought to be to have the patience to invest and wait for dividends. Also, when making these investments compounding technique is of great help where one plow back the profits. Investing large amounts of money is essential because returns will be higher since they are calculated using percentage method.

In other words, freedom checks are a business partnership which acts a like a publicly traded company. Profits are taxed only once the investors get paid their earnings. In conclusion, the checks are not a scam; just because the marketing strategies are exaggerated doesn’t mean that they can’t give good returns. Visit:


What Can You Expect from Freedom Checks?

The amount of money being generated by “freedom checks” might surprise those unfamiliar with the distributions. Reportedly, more than $34 billion in freedom checks may be released in 2018. The passage of the sweeping tax bill could directly stimulate profitable distributions. Reports of investors receiving payments of $24,000, $66,000, and $160,000 appear in news sources. All this may seem incredible, but a closer examination of how freedom checks work cuts down on much of the mystery. Read more at Agora News about Freedom Checks.

While federal laws on the books created the basis for the freedom check, the distributions do not come from a government source. The checks aren’t variations of social security or other federal programs. Freedom checks come from master limited partnership (MLP) investment endeavors.

A freedom check comes from investments in MLPs that fall under “Statute 26-F.” The MLPs must derive 90% of revenue from oil and natural gas projects. They must also pay out a minimum of 90% of income to investors. The payouts come in the form of disbursed freedom checks. Currently, 568 meet the Statute 26-F requirements. The companies benefit greatly from huge tax incentives to operate under the statute. For the investor, an opportunity exists to reap the reward of receiving a potentially lucrative freedom check.

Based on the monetary amounts of the previously listed check distributions, the reasons why investors seek out these opportunities. The potential to receive a significant distribution comes off as attractive to dynamic investors.

After looking over the significant amounts distributed to certain investors, a secret reveals itself. “Freedom” proceeds the word check for an obvious reason. Freedom refers to financial freedom. Money might not address all the problems in life, but money does make a lot of problems go away. Money also makes the stress and strain of certain problems less impacting. Retirees, in particular, do not want to deal with financial stress. That’s why many people invest early in life in order to live comfortably in retirement.

Earning huge sums of money through investing isn’t exactly easy. Not every investment venture delivers the expected or preferred result. Making any assumptions about an investment endeavor delivering guaranteed massive wealth won’t be prudent. The wise investor always looks into anything he or she considers putting money into. Take the time to learn more about master limited partnerships, the partnership concept’s traditional business model, How the law effects MLPs, and what realistic distributions look like. Learn more:


Hussain Sajwani – Real Estate Tycoon and Philanthropist

Hussain Sajwani is one of the most prominent real estate developers in the United Arab Emirates, based in Dubai. As the founder and Chairman of Damac Group, Hussain Sajwani is amongst the most successful businessmen as well as real estate tycoons across the globe with the net worth of more than $3 Billion. Hussain Sajwani is not only involved in the real estate business but is also keenly interested in the global stock markets and has invested heavily in several stocks over the years. DICO Investment is a private investment firm that Hussain Sajwani has set up primarily to look after his investment and find out new investment avenues that are lucrative and has the scope of growth in the future.

Hussain Sajwani always wanted to become businessman from the very beginning and comes from a middle-class family. After completing his high school in Dubai, Hussain Sajwani moved to the United States to complete his graduation where he joined an oil and gas firm named GASCO after the completion of his studies. However, soon after he quit his job to form a catering firm that went on to grow at a massive pace in a very short span, and even served clients like Bechtel and United States Military. Also, though his catering business was growing at a rapid pace, he moved back to Dubai after witnessing that the real estate sector in the country is growing at a rapid pace.

Soon after moving to Dubai, he acquired a plot of land and developed a luxury residential complex, which he managed to sell off within six months, even before the construction began. It is how Damac Group started and is amongst the most powerful real estate firms in the United Arab Emirates. Damac Group has so far constructed more than 16,000 homes; collectively delivering more than 44,000 units to the customers. Hussain Sajwani is DAMAC owner, also well acquainted with Donald Trump, the President of the United States. The real estate companies of both Donald Trump and Hussain Sajwani have partnered to develop golf course cum residential complex in Dubai. Apart from being business partners, Hussain Sajwani and Donald Trump are also friends.


HCR Wealth Advisors on the Stock Market Volatility

The more things change the more they stay the same. One question that remains in the minds of people in the know is how to brace for turbulence in future stock markets. One good place to start is with the history of the market by comparing things like pull back rates.

Strange or different occurrences, when it comes to what is average, may be a good reason for investigation into the cause and possible effects. The reasons for chaotic or rare behavior from the market may range from geological to the sociopolitical. Seasoned investors know that having an experienced team of professionals is highly recommended, no matter if things are looking good or not in the market.

In times when things are going well for economic markets, while investors enjoy years or even decades of growth and development, it is a good idea to contact firms who provide wealth management advice and financial strategies. One such firm to get to know is HCR Wealth Advisors, because of the mission statement and overall philosophy shared between team members. Navigating the issues inherent in investment from issues such as rate hikes from centralized banks is something an experienced firm can provide advice on. Sometimes these hikes can be years apart. But when it suits the powers to raise rates once or more in year, they may do so.

When it feels like financial institutions are pulling strings to get the best of what they can out of the market, having an established team of investment specialists, such as HCR Wealth Advisors, evens the playing field. The firm never takes ownership of client accounts. That is just another good reason why investors can trust their resources with the @HCRwealth. Navigating investments within the stock market is all about knowing how to construct your portfolio to best suit your needs and goals. It all depends on how much information is being analyzed and what is the motivation for processing the market trends.

HCR Wealth Advisors is not affiliated with this website.

Stream Energy Shows That Stream Cares

In 2005 Stream Energy was founded in Dallas, Texas. Stream Energy specializes in various home services such as home protection, energy, Virtual MD, Smart 30 Thermostat Plan and other wireless services. They have the distinction of being named one of Texas’ Top 10 Most Trusted Retail Electric Providers. Stream Energy also offers services in New Jersey, New York, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, and Washington D.C. Stream Energy services are sold through direct sales, and they have over 250,000 associates.

Recently Patch did an article about Stream Energy’s efforts to give back to the community. While Stream Energy has always been active in their community, they started Stream Cares to formalize their philanthropic activities. While their activities are concentrated in Texas, Stream Cares seeks opportunities to help around the country.

Recently, they did a massive amount to help victims of Hurricane Harvey. The Patch article talks about Stream Care being an amazing example of what companies can do in the wake of natural disasters. Stream Cares have more than just money to help Hurricane Harvey victims. They donated to the $15,000 to the Red Cross, and many associates gave of their time to help.

Stream Cares has a passion to help the homeless. They have partnered with Habitat for Humanity to help people get homes. They also have partnered with the Hope Supply Co., which is also based in Dallas, Texas. During the annual Splash for Hope, Stream Cares paid for the meal costs and entrance fees for over 1,000 homeless children in the North Texas area. This event is special because it allows homeless children and say at a waterpark, oftentimes for the first time. They get a day to just be a kid. Hope Supply Co. also provides clothing, diapers, school supplies and more to help homeless children. Stream Cares has been working with Hope Supply Co. for over four years, and they plan to continue to partner with them for many years to come.

A Discussion with Jed McCaleb, CTO of Stellar

Jed McCaleb has been a pioneer of the internet age, beginning at the dawn of consumer internet services, starting eDonkey and Overnet, two peer to peer file sharing services. He also created Mt. Gox, a video game trading platform and bitcoin exchange network. Now, as the CTO of Stellar, Jed McCaleb brings financial services to less fortunate parts of the world. He provides the digital infrastructure needed to complete international transactions. Stellar was founded in 2014.

Jed McCaleb was recently interviewed about his business activities with Stellar. The interviewer opened the conversation by asking where the idea of Stellar came from.

“My evolving interest in Bitcoin eventually lead me to the idea for Stellar,” Jed said. Jed McCaleb first discovered the world of bitcoin upon stumbling across an article about it on an tech news website. Jed then conducted his own research, stuffing his head with information, learning all about bitcoin. “Stellar was inspired by bitcoin’s potential, but we are focused on using our open source financial network to connect siloed financial institutions.” Jed is using block chain technology to truly make the world a better place.

As the interview went on, the topic moved to artificial intelligence after the interviewer asked about exciting, recent trends. “Artificial intelligence is both super exciting and terrifying,” Jed explained. Jed McCaleb has donated money to artificial intelligence research by way of the MIRI (Machine Intelligence Research Institute.)

Jed McCaleb owes his success to always planning out sound strategies and plans. His experience in other tech industries such as file sharing and video games also involved decentralized processes. You can imagine his excitement when he learned that bitcoin used a decentralized system to keep track of millions of transactions.

“I’ve purely focused on building great products,” McCaleb boasted. He says that the internet has made things much easier. The days are gone where a person must settle for less than excellent services. “The key is to make a great product that actually fills a need,” he claimed.

The Oxford Club Members Access Luxury Gatherings Worldwide

The Oxford Club is a conglomerate of wealthy investors that are brought together under this membership organization and provide access to luxury gatherings at exclusive luxury travel destinations around the world. The Oxford Club consists of over 100,000 members from various backgrounds that are brought together in membership at one of the most prestigious investment organizations. The Oxford Club was established in 1989 by Bill Bonner and quickly became one of the more respected and powerful investment publication distributors in the investment arena.


The Oxford Club provides his members with valuable insight and perspective on trending investment opportunities that can generate large returns on investment and increase their wealthy members’ portfolios. The Oxford Club provides opportunities for wealthy investors to network and share data from a global perspective from its members that are located in over 131 different countries around the world. The Oxford Club provides informative resources from its talented investment professionals that specialize in investment asset categories such as real estate, currencies, private equity, cryptocurrencies, bonds, dividends, stocks, and various other investment vehicles that generate both short and long-term returns on investment. The Oxford Club has Julia Guth as it Chief Executive Officer and she provides leadership and guidance for the organization’s professional and knowledgeable investment staff that consists of some of the most skillful researchers, editors, publishers, sales, marketing, organization, and customer service professionals. The Oxford Club provides daily, weekly, and monthly publications that are some of the most respected information resources in the world and provides its members with a high level of an intellectual analysis and critical evaluation of various assets that are trending and providing lucrative profits and returns on investment.


The Oxford Club members generally live lifestyles that are lavish and elite and are envied by the average person. They generally vacation at some of the most beautiful and exquisite locations in the world. In fact, when they gather worldwide to network, they are staying at some of the most prestigious travel destinations in the world and they are very exclusive and guarded when the Oxford Club members choose to congregate at these locations.

Madison Street Capital Announces The Completion Of The Merger Between Software Industry’s Giants

In the recently concluded merger between DCG Software Value and The Spitfire Group, Madison Street Capital served as the financial advisor. DCG Software Value is a provider of software management, software estimation value, and function point analysis services. The Spitfire Group is a business-oriented technology consulting firm. The corporation is headquartered in Denver. The successful transaction was announced by Madison Street’s chief executive officer, Charles Botchway. However, the terms of the deal were not disclosed by the parties involved.


Botchway praised the experienced and high-quality management teams of the two companies. According to the CEO, both companies have great potential and have achieved much success under their current management leaders. The team at DCG Software Value is headed by Mike Harris while Mark Ritchtermeyer is the chief executive officer of Spitfire. This information was originally mentioned on as outlined in this link


Jay Rogers headed the team from Madison Street that provided financial advisory services during the transaction. Jay is an executive leader of the international investment bank. Harris expressed his eagerness to work with Mike Harris. He also promised to continue using the bank’s innovative services. Its staff adheres to the professional code of conduct in the industry.


DCG Software value was founded in 1994. In the last two decades, the firm has remained as one of the key providers of software quality management, agile support, and software analytics services. These solutions have ensured that the company’s clients are in the position to make informed decisions about their businesses. Owing to their world-class products and services, DCG Software has continued to enhance its bottom line, thus dominating the competitive software market. The corporation is headquartered in Malvern, PA. The entity has an office in the United Kingdom. The company is the operating arm of Objective Integrity, which is based in Pennsylvania.


About Madison Street Capital

Madison Street is a Chicago-based international investment banking corporation. Madison Street Capital reputation in the financial sector has been enhanced by its commitment to excellence, integrity, and visionary leadership. Madison Street Capital provides merger and acquisition services, corporate financial advisory, financial opinions, and valuation services to private and public companies. Increased demand of its products and services has seen the company open new offices in Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America. The corporation has been zeroing on penetrating the emerging markets. Madison Street has also re-engineered its investment to satisfy the utility of clients found in such markets. The company has enlisted the services of experienced financial experts who have played a significant role in augmenting its services.


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