Retirement Planning with Richard Dwayne Blair of Austin, Texas

Richard Dwayne Blair is the investment advisor at Wealth Solutions. His number one job is to help people to protect and grow their wealth. Located in Austin, Texas, he provides wealth management and retirement planning to people in that area looking for advice. Richard Dwayne Blair believes that the best way to arm investors to protect their wealth is through education. He has found, making investors aware of what their finances are doing, sitting down and creating medium and long-term plans, to be the best way to create a holistic approach to retirement savings.


Richard Dwayne Blair uses what he calls a three-pillar approach for retirement planning and wealth management.


The first pillar consists of laying out a financial road map Gaining an understanding of where the client’s financial situation is currently at and the best way to get to the desired end result. At this stage, things like risk tolerance and general market concerns will be taken into account. A clear path will be laid out and the client will have a good understanding of how to get where they want to be in x number of years.


The second pillar is where investment strategies are determined. The information needed here are the client’s current monetary requirements. A custom strategy is developed for the client to review. As the portfolio becomes active, performance is tracked, model updates and milestone achievements are brought to the attention of the client on a regular basis.


The third pillar includes planning for some of life’s mishaps. At this stage, things such as insurances, such as disability and life insurance are discussed. In the event that something goes terribly wrong, the client will always be prepared.


Richard Dwayne Blair is a registered investment advisor that always puts the need of his clients first, whether they know what they are at this point in time or not. He believes that everyone can be on the road to a comfortable retirement with the right advice and he aims to do just that for people in the greater Austin, Texas area.


Saygus Raves in a Recent Review of NewsWatch TV

In a recent interview on the Marketing and PR Manager for Saygus, Tim Rush, discusses the impact of their partnership with NewsWatch TV. He first cites the amazing quality that seems to go into all of NewsWatch’s videos but was particularly blown away by the professionalism of the review on Saygus’ new line of smartphones. Rush explains that the relationships between companies are very important and NewsWatch seems to understand that. Not only was NewsWatch able to deliver the right message to consumers, they did so in the right way at the right time. He concludes that he highly recommends NewsWatch to other companies that are looking to expand the visibility of their products. They have proven to be a competent organization, determined to give the best service to their partnered companies and their consumers.

Newswatch TV is the winner of a Videographer Award for Excellence, a Silver Telly Award, and a Gold and Platinum Marcom Award. Their 30-minute television segments have been correctly informing viewers on trending technology since its original air date in 1990. Hosts Andrew Tropeano, Susan Bridges, and Michelle Ison create a personable experience for viewers as they give them up to date information they need in today’s tech-savvy world. Interested viewers can catch the award-winning show on the ION Television and AMC Networks. The comprehensive but easily interpreted information is very informative.

In addition to its popular television program, NewsWatch also enjoys a massive online presence at Viewers can access the website for immediate, on the go information. The reviews and breaking news available there can help consumers make pivotal decisions in their tech buying habits and save them a lot of time overall. NewsWatch should always be the first source when it comes to new products in the tech industry. Their seasoned expertise is unmatched.

Magnises Allows you to Enjoy the Best Deals in Town

Billy McFarland is the face behind some successful internet startups in the United States of America. Some of these startups include the Spling and the Magnises. He has been involved with these companies as their founder and chief executive officer. He is well known for his role at Magnises where he has managed to transform the lives of many young people. What’s more interesting about him is that he did not finish school but dropped out in his second year. He was studying at Bucknell University majoring in computer engineering. Being a drop out didn’t prevent him to succeed in life.

Billy McFarland was motivated with the life of a young man to establish the black card service, the Magnises. He was broke and yet wanted to live the life of the rich and old people. He wanted to bring the experience of the social media offline. According to Billy, the black card should not be confused with a credit card. It’s just a service that facilitates the young people to experience the best services at a cost friendly price. So what are some of the things that one should know about the black card? One, its services are available in two major cities which are New York and Washington DC.

Magnises targets individuals with a median age of about 28 years. To be part of this community, you have to pay an annual subscription fee of about $250. Magnises is active on several social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram where it keeps its followers up to date with its recent features. The latest feature on Magnises is a service called Magnises Now. This is a search service that allows you to ask Magnises questions of any nature. You can ask the app where you can get the best massage parlors or where you can watch the best games in these two major cities. To answer your questions, you only require an average of two-three minutes.

Magnises allows you to enjoy services that you wouldn’t afford on a normal day. For instance, with Magnises, you can attend some of the most inclusive test drives such as testing new car models for Tesla or even attending the most exclusive and expensive joints in your city.