Doe Deere Succesfully Plans Her Life Like She Does Her Business

Doe Deere is a very successful businesswomen and founder of the infamous beauty line Lime Crime. Of course, she maintains her success by planning out almost every single minute of her day. This allows her to make time for her work, herself, and many of her relationships.

First, she starts by waking herself up with an internal alarm clock at 8:30AM. She gets about nine hours of sleep, which is the perfect amount for her body to perform at maximum function. She starts with a glass of water and stretches. Trying to get a little bit of exercise. Deere also makes time for her two cats, Puffy Fluffles and Chester Von Battingham, they are her fur babies. Like many regular people, she enjoys breakfast. Her go to meals are grits, fruit, and yogurt. Sometimes she prefers to keep it simple.

One of Deere’s less simple aspects of life is her cell phone. She uses it daily to stay up to date on work functions and the tasks she has planned for the day. When she starts her beauty routine, she throws the phone aside and blasts The Beatles. She loves to moisturize before anything else. Her favorite foundations to use are L’Oreal and MAC but she hopes to develop her own line soon. Of course, after Foundation comes the eyebrows, blush and lipstick. This is the creative and self expressive style Doe Deere gets to show off every day. She prefers to use lipsticks from the Lime Crime brand and can take anywhere from 15 minutes to one hour to apply a full face of makeup.

Once at work, which is usually around noon, she performs her daily tasks, meetings, and socializes with everyone at the office. She always makes time for lunch and does her best to leave work by 6PM. She prefers to shower later on the evenings so she can have more time in the morning to style and show off her gorgeous purple hair. The life of a successful CEO can sound extremely hard and busy at times, but Lime Crime’s Doe Deere has the process down to a T.


Doe Deere- Founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics

Makeup isn’t just to conceal imperfections, but instead is a form of personal freedom and self expression, according to Doe Deere. Doe is the CEO and founder of the well known Lime Crime Cosmetics. Doe insists that beauty doesn’t have to be “natural” or what “looks best” to others. Instead its about what feels right to the user. With these beliefs in mind, she launched her own cruelty-free, and quite magical, colorful cosmetic line. In 2008, Lime Crime was born and the result was an animal-friendly makeup line with an international base of loyal fans. Lime Crime prides itself in their intensely pigmented, vibrant and bold lipsticks, eye shadows, and nail polishes. Doe named her brand after her favorite color with the hopes of making cosmetics so “vivid and bright that wearing them might as well be illegal”! Because Doe rose to success on her own, she is an avid fan of other female entrepreneurs and businesses. One of her favorite things to do is mentor other self-starting women as they enter the world of business. She is very welcoming of questions via her social media platforms. When asked where the idea for Lime Crime came from, she explained that it all started when she registered and account on eBay called limecrime. There she modeled her very own DIY fashion line where she wore all of the pieces herself. Her intention was to have her whole look ‘on brand’ so her crazy colorful makeup became a regular thing she displayed with her clothing. She had the idea of creating her own makeup line while making her clothing because found that colorful makeup was very difficult to find, so she launched her own cosmetics to fit her crazy style. Many people entering the business world have asked how they should go about bringing their own ideas to life as Doe has. Doe says the key is to wait for inspiration very patiently, then when it hits act quickly and decisively. She also stresses the importance of trying out the product out for yourself before it goes to production. Its important to be passionate about your product in order to stay true to your brand and customers. According to her, being true to yourself is the only way to make an impact is to stay true to yourself. As an entrepreneur, one thing that she recommends everyone to do is to trust their gut.


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