Using Wi-Fi Can Extend The Data On the FreedomPop Free Wireless Plan

In the past, anyone who’s ever used FreedomPop services that included the free cell phone service may have constantly complained about the low amount of data that they received. Some may not have even noticed the data allotment because they did one of two things. In certain cases, a person may have had no need for the data and only consumed it when they sent text messages, so they were able to deal with the low amount of data they were getting. In other cases, a customer would be using Wi-Fi services to give them unlimited data on the free service plan.


With the updated cell phone plans that’s in a FreedomPop review, there is no need for a customer to stay with the free plan if they feel that they have the need for more data and talk time. Even though the text messages for the free plan is now completely unlimited, the customer will still have to check how many text messages they send because it can affect the data that they use. Being able to utilize Wi-Fi services is an excellent way to extend the data on the free plan to be unlimited, especially if it’s 4G LTE data.


Another great way to get unlimited data from FreedomPop is by using their Wi-Fi service, which has unlimited data for only five dollars every month at 3G and 4G speeds. Since FreedomPop has over 10 million different hotspots that any user can connect to, it’s rare that the user will have to worry about being able to find Wi-Fi service.


The plan costs $19.99 and comes with 1 GB of data that is at 4G LTE speeds but has unlimited 3G speeds afterwards. The unlimited everything plan will the able to keep up with the needs of the user who wants unlimited data but will still give unlimited talk time and text messages. It’s also worth mentioning the plan in between the free plan and the unlimited everything plan, which is the unlimited plan that has unlimited talk time and text messages with 500 MB of data. This plan costs $10.99 per month and can also be used with any Wi-Fi services.