Dr. Dov Rand: A Compassionate Doctor Providing Understanding Care for the Aging

One of the most prolific doctors that is currently working on innovating and applying anti-aging therapies is Dr. Dov Rand. Dr. Dov Rand has complete understanding of just how detrimental the effects of aging can be on people and he works relentlessly to reverse these effects and to improve the quality of life for aging individuals. He firmly believes that in order to treat issues that are related with aging, that you need to use treatments that are specifically tailored to address the base cause of the issues. He is able to do this by individually creating treatment programs that may include combinations of hormone therapies, physical therapies, and adjustments to diet.


Dr. Dov Rand understood early on that he alone could not address the multitude of issues that the elderly face on his own, so he created the Healthy Aging Medical Center. The center not only helps employ the various treatments to aging individuals, but the center also helps their patients become part of their treatment process through their patient education program. Each patient is thoroughly informed about each part of their treatment plan and it is explained to them how the different parts interact with each other to create fantastic results. By educating the patient so well, the patient is quickly able to become part of their own health care team.


Testimonies by both current and former patients of Dr. Dov Rand paint a picture of a doctor who is compassionate, caring, and genuine. Rand truly cares about improving the quality of life for his patients. He has a true ability to adequately and efficiently diagnose his patients with the exact cause of their issues that are related to aging and quickly develops a plan to attack those issues so that the individual starts improving as quick as possible. Dr. Dov Rand goes above and beyond for his patients to improve their quality of life.