Things You Didn’t Know About Alex Paul

You may be familiar with the name Chainsmokers. Songs like “Closer” and “Something Just Like This” probably reached your ears over the course of the last years. A name that you may recognize if you’re a big Chainsmokers fan is Alex Pall.

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart make up the DJ duo who recently started to share their voices with fans. While most of their music was largely made up of their technical talent in producing music, they used to depend on the vocals of other artists. Now they’re showing that they had it within them all along.

Alex Pall started out while working at an art gallery. It was during this time that he realized his passion truly lay in the realm of music, and more specifically, music that makes you want to move. He then met Taggart and that’s when all the Chainsmokers magic began.

Taggart himself had always had a passion for DJ’ing and music and was trying to find the right fit. When he was referred to Alex, he took the opportunity and the two haven’t stopped making music together yet.

The pair clicked on their shared desire to make something out of themselves in the music industry, as well as having always been passionate about music as children. The fact that they also had a keen understanding of what works in this type of music and what doesn’t, helped to give them an edge and they realized that they could make it.

They didn’t just want to get by. Alex and Andrew wanted to stand out from the rest. This may be a big reason for their success; they don’t stop until they are sure that something feels right. The brains behind the Chainsmokers are continuously looking for ways to try new things, in order to stay ahead.

They aren’t afraid to adapt, to change, to reach a broader type of audience. One can say that their music has evolved over the years, and it’s certainly true, but their talent and skill for creating hits remains the same.

NewsWatch TV Reviews and Contour Design’s Successful Campaign Review

Contour Design is an innovative company that produces ergonomic PC mice and other tech accessories to help provide comfort to areas of the hand that receive repetitive strain injuries. They reached out to NewsWatch TV to help them achieve massive exposure for their new ergonomic workstations and attract an American audience of individuals that consistently use PC’s at their place of work. NewsWatch TV created a professional online campaign and produced a promotional video segment that they had aired to well over 95 million home in the U.S.

Contour Designs’ new workstation was also seen in more than 200 U.S. markets and its online campaign received more than 697,000 impressions. Contour Design’s product marketing manager, Bret Hudson, stated that their ergonomic ultimate workstation’s sales had seen a dramatic increase. He thanked the NewsWatch TV Reviews team for all of the work they’ve done and for the professionally made promotional video that they had aired across the nation.

NewsWatch TV is one of the nation’s premier source for breaking consumer technology and entertainment news. The 30-minute television series first began airing on March 1990 and now it has proudly become a multiple award-winning program for delivering excellence. NewsWatch TV reaches a general audience of over 96 million people across the United States. They have currently aired over 1,200 episodes that appear weekly on ION Television and bi-monthly on AMC Network.

NewsWatch TV is hosted by Andrew Tropeano with featured special reports hosted by Eric Forrest, Susan Brides and Amanda Forstrom. The series is well-known for their reviews that showcase all of the latest consumer tech products and services. The show introduced a news segment called AppWatch back in 2012. AppWatch is aired weekly and its primary focus reveals upcoming mobile apps and reviews them for the all of the latest smart devices.

About George Street Photo and Video

George Street Photo and Video is is located in Chicago, IL. This is a wedding photography and videography company ran by wedding photography veterans. This company was started by 3 artists who were very enthusiastic about doing what they love. Their names are Tim Muller, Dan Creviston and Michael McMahon. Indiana is where it all began for the three.

The style of George Street Photo and Video has a photo journalist style to it. They offer an array of photography from engagement, wedding, wedding videos and much more. There is a very fun and easy going feel to this company depicted through the pictures put up. One of the features here is the a style test. All you do is sign up with an email and couples can begin to find their style. This is very helpful to those new to the company. It can help pinpoint what they’re looking for. This company is very unique.