Orange Coast College Excels In Rowing

Orange Coast College is known for their impressive rowing team. Daniel Amado is the captain of their novice team as the young age of 22. He graduated from Los Alamitos High School and had to take several years off of rowing due to a back injury. Learn more about Orange Coast College: and

He credits his ability to recover fully to rowing. It gave him to the strength to be strong, bounce back, and return to the game of his dreams. Rowing has given him both physical and mental skills that he uses in his everyday life. Now that he is captain of the novice rowing team, he believes he can overcome anything.

Steve Morris is assistant coach on the men’s team. When he was a student at Orange County College, Morris was the coxswain on the rowing boat. Even after college he was not able to give up his love for rowing and he served as the head coach for the majority of the 1990s. After he got married and had children, he needed to step down and take some more time to himself. Being the assistant coach allows him to be a part of the rowing team and also manage his family life.

Orange Coas college competes in this sport at an elite level. This is a huge feat considering that most of the students have never rowed before in their life. It is a team effort and requires friendship and brain power to do it properly.

Some of the team members have gone on to UC Berkley, University of Washington, and Stanford. It is not easy though. The students have to devote 20 hours every week just to training. Many of the student drop out before the end of the season.

Orange Coast College is located in Orange County, California. The school was created in 1947 and provides two year associates degrees. It also provides options for transfer classes since many of the students in attendance go on to transfer elsewhere. It is one of the largest transfer colleges in the country.

They currently have approximately 25,000 students in attendance, making them the third largest college in Orange County.