Enhance Athlete Making A Break through

Enhanced Athlete is a lifestyle fitness brand for body builders, fitness fanatics or for those who want a leaner physique. Founded in 2015 by Dr. Tony Hughes. Enhanced Athlete popularity has become a multi-million global leading distribution company of fat burning and muscle building products  and health products. Developed by Dr. Tony Hughes and Enhance Athlete’s staff. Enhance provides a full package program with top training coaches, access to available fat burning muscle building workout gear and access to affiliated Enhance Athlete’s partners.


Enhance coaching was built to get the body you want in the most economical way. Industries best coaches are available to you by via internet or in person from affiliated companies, such as Enhance Athlete DNP and Dinitro shop just to name a few. The Enhance coaching program offers a personal plan, diet/meal prep, workout regiment and access to a wide variety of Enhance webstore gear, products  and nutritional health products.


Enhance Athlete defeats Nutrition Distribution in case. As for many other  companies. In 2017 a lawsuit was brought by the serial plaintiff Nutritional Distribution LLCV. In forwarding demands towards a settlement claim against Enhanced Athlete. Nutritional Distribution claim to be the leader in the  distribution industry and the sales that represent the company’s body building has been a down fall by the false advertising by its competitors. Enhanced Athlete argues that Nutritional Distribution cannot and were never able to show vial proof of any hardship because there is no causal link to their claim.


Nutritional Distribution moved for a chief injunction towards the claim of the argument against Enhance Athlete in asking for a settlement for hardship recovery, due to false advertising of the body building nutritional product. The motion for injunction was denied by the judge, stating that they agree with Enhanced Athlete argument in Nutritional Distribution not having any proof of hardship or damage towards their claim and there is no causal connection between Enhanced Athlete’s product and marketing Nutrition Distribution decreasing sales. CEO, Scott Cavell, states that “Enhance Athlete is not going to be the next victim of Nutrition Distribution shake down scheme.”


Today Enhance Athlete continues to help thousands who want to live a healthy lifestyle gaining a desired physique, longevity and having fun doing it.