Jim Toner’s Life In Real Estate

Jim Toner is one of the most successful business men in the world. He rose from the humble beginnings to become not only a philanthropist but also an entrepreneur. Despite him being at the top of the game today. His life as a businessman has never been a walk in the pack. In his medium account, he has written an article focusing more on how he survived in the real estate business.

The story talks of him being scammed by a conman who owned many successful real estate businesses in Arizona. The person who lured them showed them a detailed list of his clients. Most of the clients on the list were high profile athletes in the country. After they partnered, the guy stole all their money leaving them penniless. This made him discard the real estate life and started writing. One of his books known as “Send in the Wolves” made to position one on Amazon.

According to score.org, after a period of a few months out of the real estate business, one of his friend, who is a global marketer approached him and urged him to reconsider joining the company once more. He turned his down, but the friend kept on insisting for him to give it a try. After a few months, the friend who was his concerned pal declared for him to join him.

Other versions of the story were that there are people who get paid to pull out the stand that he was pulling about the “guru.” The statement caught his attention, and he decided to jump back into the so-called “dirty” game once more. Jim Toner said he went back knowing that once bitten, twice shy. Therefore, his conditions were picking up the working environment where he ought to operate since not all markets were safe to work in and secondly that his recruiters would comprise of the best in the chosen town to effectively execute his goals. He (@thejimtoner) had learned the rules of the game the hard way. Therefore he was to be on the ground to help his people out and guide them on hands on skills.

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