Oncotarget Provides Up-To-Date Research Findings On A Weekly Basis

Oncotarget is a venue that makes the latest research available in oncology, and other relate medical fields. It is a platform where researchers have a place to publish articles and research papers, in a multidisciplinary manner, and which is well documented and evaluated by their expert peers.

Since 2010, under the leadership of Editors-in-Chief, Andrei V. Gudkov, and Mikhail V.Blagoskionny, both of the Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Buffalo, NY, this platform has been publishing the latest in research on scimagojr.com regarding oncology and topics that affect oncology.

Such topics as endocrinology, Geotarget/aging, cardiology, metabolism, Cell & Mol Biology, pharmacology, immunology/microbiology, and Neuropathology/neuroscience are included. The depth of information is vast, and the particulars of form and order in the articles are critical because of the detail of the subjects researched.

The process of submitting articles and research papers to Oncotarget is attained by submission of materials to the Editorial Board, where the article or research paper is evaluated by at least two of the author’s peers. The evaluating team must be experts in the particular field so that the article can be graded by people who are on a professional level in the same arena as the author.

The editors are charged with the duty of seeing to it that everything about the submitted material is correct as far as all criteria are met. The content must be professional in nature and must state clearly the premise of what is going to be accomplished. The hypothesis at http://www.bioxbio.com/if/html/ONCOTARGET.html should be clearly illustrated, with detailed citation of proof, studies, experiments and data, with a clearly stated conclusion.

There can be no prejudicial, personal, slanderous, demeaning, sexist, political, racial, or gender bias, or anything apart from just the subject matter at hand included in the article or research paper on LinkedIn. The evaluators are looking for just the scientific meaning in the paper, and it should be written in that manner with ample proofs that support the hypothesis and conclusion of the article.

Editors cannot use any of the material for their purposes, and all of the information in the paper must be kept private, and known only to the editors and the author until the information is published. Oncotarget is to keep the information in a pristine state, and so that it can be presented in that manner to the scientific public.

The two peer requirement serves to keep everything in a private setting and pure until published. The material is published once a week so that information can be made available as quickly as possible. In this way, useful data can help in real situations in medical situations if it applies.


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