Heather Russell Takes Over As Chief Legal Officer At TransUnion

Heather Russell recently took over the duties of the chief legal officer and executive vice president for TransUnion, a move that was made effective for June 4. Ms. Russel brings two decades of experience as a legal executive to the job and has experience in multiple sectors of the global financial services industry. These areas of focus include consumer financial services, mergers and acquisitions, and data privacy and security enhancement.

In her role with TransUnion, Heather Russell will be responsible for all matters pertaining to corporate governance, government relations, consumer privacy issues, and a host of other legal matters. The will report directly to company president Jim Peck as well as serve on the executive committee for TransUnion.

Peck, while speaking on the hiring, expressed confidence in the addition of Heather Russell to the company and said that he is looking forward to the expertise and experience she is bringing to the company.

Russell (@heather_russell) also expressed excitement at taking over the post and says its an honor to work for a TransUnion company that is so influential in the role of providing information solutions that allow business entities to make more informed decisions. She also says that the financial services experience she brings to TransUnion will have a great impact on company operations.

Before accepting her present position with TransUnion, Heather Russell worked for the law firm of Buckley Sandler LLP and was a leader in the financial institutions regulations department. And before this, she held the lofty positions of Chief Legal Officer, Executive Vice-President, and Corporate Secretary at Fifth World Bank

Ms. Russell attended William and Mary University where she received her bachelor’s degree and earned her Juris Doctor certification at the American University Washington College of Law.

The position that Heather Russell now holds became vacant when John Blenke chose to retire from the position. For additional info, follow Heather Russell on Facebook.

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Mark Mofid is Changing Plastic Surgery for the Better

Mark Mofid is an example of what a good plastic surgeon should be, and he has become a role model for other plastic surgeons. He has developed an ethical understanding of the plastic surgery industry, and also encourages others to take a similar stance. For example, many people who want gluteal surgery, want a complete change to their bodies. Mark Mofid has found a way to bridge the gap between too much and not enough.

Too much plastic surgery at once can cause physical stress to an individual and a lot of pain. Mark Mofid is aware of this, and encourages clients to be reasonable towards the level of modification that is to be completed with a surgery.


He has also developed, over an eight year period of his career, a revolutionary implant designed specifically for gluteal surgery that is safer for the individual. The implant works with the body, and allows tissue to grow into the implant during healing, so it actually becomes more of a part of the body. In the long run, this will prevent sagging.


Mark Mofid practices in San Diego, and takes on new clients occasionally. He is recommended as one of the top gluteal augmentation surgery practitioners in the U.S. Mark Mofid works with the client to gain a clearer understanding of their desires so that he can explain to them the potential benefits and risks of a personalized procedure.


Mark Mofid has worked hard throughout his career to help the world of plastic surgery become more ethical, as well as more responsible for each individual client’s health when choosing a particular route for a surgery. He thinks more about the client’s health than the actual bottom line. He wants other doctors who practice plastic surgery to follow suit. It would make everyone involved a lot happier in the end.



Dr. Dov Rand: A Compassionate Doctor Providing Understanding Care for the Aging

One of the most prolific doctors that is currently working on innovating and applying anti-aging therapies is Dr. Dov Rand. Dr. Dov Rand has complete understanding of just how detrimental the effects of aging can be on people and he works relentlessly to reverse these effects and to improve the quality of life for aging individuals. He firmly believes that in order to treat issues that are related with aging, that you need to use treatments that are specifically tailored to address the base cause of the issues. He is able to do this by individually creating treatment programs that may include combinations of hormone therapies, physical therapies, and adjustments to diet.


Dr. Dov Rand understood early on that he alone could not address the multitude of issues that the elderly face on his own, so he created the Healthy Aging Medical Center. The center not only helps employ the various treatments to aging individuals, but the center also helps their patients become part of their treatment process through their patient education program. Each patient is thoroughly informed about each part of their treatment plan and it is explained to them how the different parts interact with each other to create fantastic results. By educating the patient so well, the patient is quickly able to become part of their own health care team.


Testimonies by both current and former patients of Dr. Dov Rand paint a picture of a doctor who is compassionate, caring, and genuine. Rand truly cares about improving the quality of life for his patients. He has a true ability to adequately and efficiently diagnose his patients with the exact cause of their issues that are related to aging and quickly develops a plan to attack those issues so that the individual starts improving as quick as possible. Dr. Dov Rand goes above and beyond for his patients to improve their quality of life.


Stansberry Research: What Is a Market Melt up

Stansberry Research is an organization that operates as a publishing company in the United States of America. They specialize in researching investment opportunities in a number of industries including the natural resource, power, oil, and biotechnology industries. They were first formed in 1999 and are based out of Baltimore Maryland.

They have recently published an article detailing their viewpoint on the current state of the American stock market. Since 2009 the stock market of the US has been increasing more or less continuously. An economy that is typically experiencing a market such as this might be described as being in a bull market.

According to Stansberry research, they believe that something else entirely is occurring. They believe that a market melt up is what might be occurring. A market melt up is the result of a substantial rise in the valuation of a particular class of assets that is primarily fueled by group psychology rather than a particular investment strategy.

The last time that market conditions such as this occurred in the United States of America was in 1999. A market melt up is built on the back of a particular mentality that is held by the general public. Over time as assets continue to increase in value investors will become fearful that they might miss out on potential gains in the value of their investments. As a result of this fear, they will put more money into the market. As a result of this pushing of more money into the market, the valuations of assets continue to climb ever higher.

It can be difficult to know just how to react whenever you are confronted with a market melt up. There are a few strategies however that can ease your decision-making. One of them is to simply not be scared if you see a significant decrease in the value of the market. In the past, the market has always climbed back in value. Also, it is important to keep in mind an ideal point to sell. A wise investor would take the time to devise a strategy that included a particular time that they would feel comfortable selling.

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Jeff Herman: Speaking For Those Who Cannot Speak For Themselves


Jeff Herman is an attorney and victim advocate specializing in sexual violence cases, mainly those involving children. Jeff Herman was a key player in exposing the horrid sexual abuse against children under the umbrella of the Miami Archdiocese, and he represented accusers of Kevin Clash, the former Muppet puppeteer.


Mr. Herman received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Arizona, and his Juris Doctorate from Case Western Reserve University School of Law. His law firm, Herman Law, is located in Boca Raton, Florida. Due to his dedication to combat sexual abuse, the law firm solely works with sex abuse cases. As a legal expert, he has done features with media outlets like the New York Times, MSNBC, and Forbes.


In the below-referenced interview with IdeaMensch, Mr. Herman talks about his career and how he manages everything. He believes in being very thorough and organized. To him, it is imperative to carefully comb through every theory in order to prove it to be factual. He speaks of how he dissects each case accordingly with a whiteboard he has in his office. He uses it to create and track timelines, so he can actually see all of the facts and piece together what is in front of him. Go To This Page for related information.


In the interview, Mr. Herman speaks of having to change his approach to his cases in order to continue to help his clients and victims that need his voice. He almost quit practicing in this field because it was so emotionally and psychologically draining for him. He noticed himself getting emotionally invested in victims’ cases. However, he changed his way of thinking and realized that he could feel badly for his clients but have the ability to separate himself from the case, so he could remain competent in his work.


His advice to young attorneys is to practice in whatever field their passion lies. He explains how easy it is to get burnt out in the legal field. To continue doing the job well, they have to love the field in which they choose to practice. Related Link: Jeff Herman Talks Law and Life



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DAMAC Properties as the base for career growth of Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani is a real estate investor who has grown to gain an excellent reputation in the business world. He started at a young age as a catering agent in the real estate business. The opportunity gave him experience and the skills about the real estate business. Therefore, he used the knowledge to start his real estate business, DAMAC Properties. The company is diverse as it deals with many aspects of real estate such as construction, consultation, restructuring, and designing among many others.

Through the urge to grow and create a difference, Hussain Sajwani used grit to emerge and expand his business to the globe. The company provides excellent services that make the company boost the economy and the society at larger. The superb work made it recognizable for the quality job it does, and Hussain got the award of being one of the best real estate entrepreneur in the Middle East.

Hussain Sajwani the DAMAC owner, grows to build his brand day by day leading to the acquisition of contracts from all corners. He has met great personalities who they get to work together such as the current president of the United States, Donald Trump. The partnership in the venture started by the contract of the company to build Donald a golf club and resort in Dubai.

According to Dubizzle Dubai, the ability to acquire funds to run the company from side hustles has made it possible for the company to thrive in an international market. Besides, it got to gain the trust of the public who in turn get to promote the growth of Hussain Sajwani and DAMAC Properties at large.

However, the journey has not always been as smooth as the company experienced some challenges. For instance, at some point, the global real estate market dropped affecting DAMAC Properties negatively. Although it became a challenge, Hussain Sajwani ensured to take precautions to make the venture stand and thrive. He secured his enterprises that would create funds to sustain and re-establish the company. The move to let go of some workers was the other strategy which was difficult but proved useful as it helped the company thrive after the crisis. The step brought controversies among the public especially the media lowering the market. However, it grew and continued to succeed in the global market.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Becomes the President of the Second Largest Bank in Brazil

     Luiz Carlos Trabuco held the position of CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Banco Bradesco until the first annual board meeting, which was held on March 12th. At that meeting the board decided on a new Chief Executive Officer of the bank, Octavio de Lazari Junior. Octavio de Lazari Junior has been with the bank for over 30 years and has held various positions throughout the organization. Like his predecessors, Octavio has held the position of CEO of Bradesco Seguros. He also became one of the seven Vice Presidents of the bank.

According to an article by Estadao, Luiz Carlos Trabuco will be the third Chairman of the board in the banks entire 75 year history. He will mentor his successor as his mentor; Lazaro de Mello Bandao did to him. Bandao, who stepped down as Chairman of the board at the age of 92 said, the company is in good hands and he has full faith in Luiz Carlos Trabuco and Octavio.

Octavio was selected by the banks traditions and formal process of succession said a statement by Bradesco. The bank has always promoted individuals from within the organization to motivate and encourage employees to work hard to remain loyal to the bank. The seven Vice Presidents of the bank including Mauracio Minas, Alexandre Gluher and Marcelo Noronha have all been with the bank for over 30 years. They have seen the bank go through its largest acquisition to date, the takeover of HSBC’s Brazilian unit for $5 billion in 2016.

2016, was a tough year for the Brazilian economy and the financial sector. Luiz was encouraged to remain as CEO even though he reached the age of 65, which was the maximum age for a CEO, according to the company’s bylaws. This time limit was extended not only due to Bradesco’s takeover of HSBC’s Brazilian unit, but also because Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s prime candidate as a replacement for CEO tragically died in a plane crash. Marco Antonio Rossi was one of the banks Vice Presidents and the CEO of Bradesco Seguros, he would have been the next CEO.

The bank has gone through ups and downs, but with Luiz Carlos Trabuco, Octavio de Lazari and the values and traditions of the second largest bank in Brazil it will continue to surpass milestones and improve the state of the Brazilian economy for a long time to come.

Learn more at http://economia.estadao.com.br/noticias/geral,bradesco-anuncia-substituto-de-luiz-trabuco-na-presidencia-do-banco,70002178384.

Business by Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani is one of the chairmen who heads the organization known as the Damac Group. He is more experience when it comes to the business of selling food, and he is highly recognized for his ability to cultivate friends from the high places coming from the international scale. Damac is one of the companies that is found in the UAE countries and is mostly associated with the glitzy properties. The food business is also the part of the business that they do, and that is why they prefer the assistant of Hussain Sajwani as their central chairman due to his skills in this industry.

He got into this business in the year 19980s, and he has been doing very well in this business and most of the people ought to deal with his company. In the year 2002, he was one of the people who contributed to a more considerable extent the growth of real estate in the nation of Dubai. He is known to have thrived very despite the US Army contract the food business was not doing very well at this time until when Hussain Sajwani, the DAMAC Owner, decided to step into this business.

According to the Premier Gazette, in his business mind thought he was among the few people who would speculate about the crush that came into the year 2008. The other main advantage that he focuses on is the creation of the empowered and ensure that the society was pleased. For now, the business is based on this main principles. One of the objects that they do have is to provide that they hold no debt for any land that is paid fully at the starting.

The second principle that guides the company is that client account remain independent. The company here what it does is that they cash out money from one account to another. The third idea that usually guides them is that they retain cash reserved regarding the fixed deposit or in government bonds. He played an excellent role in ensuring that the Dubai country was able to recover regarding the economy and so far they are doing so well in the business sector.

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The Award-Winning Robert Ivy

Educational Background
Robert Ivy is an award-winning chief editor of the Architectural Record since 1996. Robert Ivy joined the McGraw-Hill Construction Media as an editorial director as well as a Vice-President of the company. Robert studied at The University of the South where he acquired a bachelor degree in English. Years later, he joined Tulane University to pursue his masters of Architecture.

It was during Ivy’s tenure of office in Architectural records when he received the different honors in the print media. Since he was an enthusiastic and a vibrant journalist, Robert won the National Magazine award as well as the Jesse H. Neal Awards. Again, his expertise propelled him to win the Crain Award in 2009 from the highest recognized media institution in America. Later on in March 2010, the whole architectural family named Robert as the “master architect” due to his efficiency in providing exemplary designs.

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Recently, Robert is a first time Noel Polk Award winner in the architectural career. Robert works as a Senior Vice President in the Institute of Architects in America. Following the recent award from The Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters, the Polk Award remains in his hands hence lacking any competition. Robert is among the prize-winning Eudora Welty, Walter Anderson and Morgan Freeman in receiving the Polk Award. The PolK award aims at uplifting artists and art patrons who work extraordinarily perfect.

According to the recent statement from the president of MIAL, Robert Ivy remains the best architect the public can ever get for quality work. In fact, Nancy LaForge, the MIAL president, goes on and explains how the architectural world may fail ever to reach the expertise and skills Robert possesses. Consequently, Carl Elefante describes how Ivy is the best ambassador of the of AIA. Carl Elefante sees the award as crowning a profession that is very hard to get. From an author, editor to a proficient practicing architect. In fact, the award comes in as a professional achievement of a lifetime.

Summing up, Robert is an adroit influencer when it comes to working in an organization. Ivy records a splendid performance since he ventured in the architectural career. Notably, Robert marks the highest level of membership to have joined the AIA organization since the 160 years of existence. With the recent expanding trend in the organization, Robert might be acknowledged officially in the event taking place on June 2nd.

Search more about Robert Ivy: http://www.zdnet.com/article/qa-robert-ivy-ceo-the-american-institute-of-architects/

Avatrade and the Excitement of Making Winning Trades

One of the most exciting occurrences of forex trading is making winning trades. It can get even more exciting once it becomes a recurring thing. One thing that making a winning trade can do for people is increase their capital. The only issue is that it can be a challenge for people to make the right trades on a consistent basis. This is one of the reasons that it is important to make sure that all of the factors are taken care of before getting started. One very important factor in making winning trades is the forex broker itself.


For people who are looking for a good forex broker, they can find one in Avatrade. This broker is a highly reliable broker. They can be trusted when it comes to finances. Therefore, people do not have to worry about getting cheated. Another good aspect of Avatrade is that they have a lot of options when it comes to the trader. They have the Meta Trader platform for various devices. They also have a version of it that is viewed on the web. Therefore, people who do not want to go through all of the trouble of downloading the platform can enjoy the action from the internet.


Avatrade is the type of broker that people can trust because they not only offer people options for trading but also a lot of information that can help them make the right choices. There are a lot of methods for choosing when to open a deal. One such approach that is worth considering is looking at the news. As a matter of fact, any factor that has an influence on the price of the asset that is being trade should be looked at. This can help people make the right choices in the trade.