Penelope Kokkinides- Having an Instrumental Voice in Healthcare Services

Penelope Kokkinides has vast skills and knowledge in healthcare dealing in developing of the clinical programs and also managing of the healthcare operations and processes. Her primary focus is providing improvement and efficiency in healthcare organizational structures. Penelope Kokkinides works for InnovaCare since 2015 as the Chief Administrator Officer. InnovaCare Inc. offers healthcare-related services to people of Puerto Rico with, and it has over 120 years of experiences since its existence. The central core is providing innovative healthcare, and it boasts of having the most experienced and skilled staff like Penelope Kokkinides who handles the core corners of the company bringing in their expertize.


Penelope Kokkinides has over 20 years of extensive and knowledgeable career in the medical field, and she is renowned for running various government programs successfully. Penelope went to Binghamton University for her Biological science and Classical Languages degree and proceeded to the University of New York for Social Work Masters and Columbia University for Public Health Masters degree. Penelope Kokkinides love for healthcare services saw her take another Masters Course in Care and Disease management services and postgraduate in substance and alcohol abuse.


Penelope Kokkinides worked as vice president of also the chief operating officer of Benter Lights Healthcare leading the company Medicaid organization and Medicare Advantage providing related health services. She was among the eight women invited to White House to deliberate and also discuss on matters concerning the federal health care legislation. The meeting chaired by President Trump and CMS Administrator Seema Verma was an open discussion panel of educated and skilled women in healthcare Penelope explained on various issues affecting the healthcare of Puerto Ricans, and she asked in the country Medicare Advantage to receive more funds. Her argument based on the reduction of funds to the Puerto Rico Medicare Advantage since 2011, and she stated the additional funds would uplift the country from the failing healthcare services.


According to Penelope Kokkinides, the Medicare Advantage is quite popular in Puerto Rico Island, and it serves over 560,000 individuals. During the meeting, she outlined the company agenda to improve the health services of Puerto Ricans, and her practical examples with detailed information made the President together with CMS approved for more favorable changes to the health industry of the Puerto Rica Island. Penelope Kokkinides points out that her central core in InnovaCare is providing the ideal organization infrastructure that blends wells with Puerto Rico healthcare operations and clinical applications including the Medicare Advantage.