Retirement Planning with Richard Dwayne Blair of Austin, Texas

Richard Dwayne Blair is the investment advisor at Wealth Solutions. His number one job is to help people to protect and grow their wealth. Located in Austin, Texas, he provides wealth management and retirement planning to people in that area looking for advice. Richard Dwayne Blair believes that the best way to arm investors to protect their wealth is through education. He has found, making investors aware of what their finances are doing, sitting down and creating medium and long-term plans, to be the best way to create a holistic approach to retirement savings.


Richard Dwayne Blair uses what he calls a three-pillar approach for retirement planning and wealth management.


The first pillar consists of laying out a financial road map Gaining an understanding of where the client’s financial situation is currently at and the best way to get to the desired end result. At this stage, things like risk tolerance and general market concerns will be taken into account. A clear path will be laid out and the client will have a good understanding of how to get where they want to be in x number of years.


The second pillar is where investment strategies are determined. The information needed here are the client’s current monetary requirements. A custom strategy is developed for the client to review. As the portfolio becomes active, performance is tracked, model updates and milestone achievements are brought to the attention of the client on a regular basis.


The third pillar includes planning for some of life’s mishaps. At this stage, things such as insurances, such as disability and life insurance are discussed. In the event that something goes terribly wrong, the client will always be prepared.


Richard Dwayne Blair is a registered investment advisor that always puts the need of his clients first, whether they know what they are at this point in time or not. He believes that everyone can be on the road to a comfortable retirement with the right advice and he aims to do just that for people in the greater Austin, Texas area.