The Honors and Innovation of Infinity Group Australia

Infinity Group Australia was earlier this month named on the Australian Financial Review’s very reputable annual list the Top 100 Most Innovative Companies (formerly the BRW Most Innovative Companies list). IGA, which was placed 58th on the list, was founded in 2013 by Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker. It is considered one of the very best Australian companies focused on helping clients reduce debt, improve personal finances, and making their futures financially secure.


AFR has been compiling its list of the most innovative companies in Australia and New Zealand for seven years now. And the publication has been around for over 50 years. It currently boasts more than 1.8 million readers. It is so revered that every year they usually have several hundred companies who are actively seeking a place on the list. This year’s list was compiled by Inventium who judged from submissions sent in by over 1,000 companies.


On behalf of IGA, Holm officially accepted the honor at the 2018 AFR Most Innovative Companies List Awards Night held on July 30, 2018. Founding and leading IGA was not the beginning of Holm’s career. He has been highly involved in the financial industry for over 15 years. He was also honored this year as an MPA Top 100 Brokers list. IGA remains based in Bella Vista, New South Wales, IGA is ever expanding and become more successful. It guarantees clients that it will help them eliminate at least $41,000 in the first year of service alone. And its short history has proven this it 100% true to this guarantee.


Prior to starting their company, Holm and Walker’s relationship began as a romantic partnership. However, they found they shared a common desire to help families and individuals get out of debt and have a better financial future. So the two spent six months researching the Australian mortgage industry. They came to the conclusion that most borrowers from banks are getting a bad deal from them that almost always puts them into debt. They said there was a decided lack of support, advice, guidance, and services for these individuals and families. Learn more:


Their business was an instant success with them getting 30 clients in just the first month. So what IGA does is assign a personal banker to each of its clients who will give them all of these things until their financial goals are achieved. For further details about IGA or for contact information go to: And for more information about the Top 100 Most Innovative Companies go to