Trabuco- The World’s Ancient Weapon That Existed In The Middle Age

The Trabuco is a weapon that was created from the sling mechanism of firing shots in the 4th century. The war machine was a discovery of the Chinese who improved the old sling to fire much heavier projectiles to cause damage. The Trabuco war machine worked by hurling loads aimed at the masonry wall of their opponents. Also, the loads fired were not only stones, but the armies would also shoot fireballs, human skulls, and even corpses.

Trabuco Machine Usage and its Abandonment

The Trabuco war machine was later taken up by the Europeans around the 600 AD. The war machine remained in use for a period close to 1000 years before the discovery of the gunpowder by the Chinese in the 13th century. It is believed that the Trabuco war machine had a great influence in developing the modern day artillery. Its shooting concept was utilized to build the modern artillery which was used during the World War I and World War II. Again, the war machine was also used during religious crusades between the Muslims and Christians.


The Two Types of Trabuco that were Invented

The first Trabuco that the Chinese assembled was simple to construct where they only required putting together the parts then they could pull the ropes to fire missiles. This type was referred to as the traction Trabuco or tensile Trabuco as it was human strength that purely operated it. The Trabuco machine had its pros and cons, but the only problem was that its disadvantages outweighed its advantages. While the war machine could fire up to four times in a minute, it required many people to operate which made it hard to coordinate the individuals. It was later abandoned due to the frustrations encountered during its operation according to

The Arab traders later acquired it and took it to the Middle East where the war weapon was re-modeled to what was known as the balancing Trabuco. The modified Trabuco had its working mechanism replaced with a counterweight instead of people which made it much easier in its usage. The machine could handle weights of 140 pounds to more than 80 meters away causing a lot of damage to the enemies during battles. Additionally, the Trabuco hurled objects by converting the potential energy to kinetic energy to fire missiles to the enemies.