Debunking the Myths of Freedom Checks

Recently there has been commercials in the media advertising freedom checks. The adverts are describing how people are sharing a $34.6 billion-dollar fortune. The public has received this news with suspicion to the point that some have dismissed them as a scam. A contributing factor to this suspicion is due to the nature of the ads. Some of the ads have come across as overhyped and sensational. Learn more about Freedom Checks at

Matt Badiali, the man behind the idea of freedom checks, has featured in some adverts such as one where he appears to be holding a dummy check for $114,287. Matt has decades of experience in the business and geology world having started his journey at Penn State University where he studied Earth Sciences. He proceeded to Florida Atlantic University, where he earned a Master of Science in Geology. Afterward, he traveled all over the world visiting mines and, in the process, learned the art of investing.

The strategy used in the ads is meant to entice people to the point that they may think it is as simple as raising your hand and someone gives you money. But, freedom checks are investments that set themselves apart from other scams. This point can be backed up by the fact that it was introduced in a newsletter that deals with investments. Freedom checks are not a way of giving out money, but they carry a potential of rewarding handsomely after putting your resource in them.

The secret in this type of investment is commitment. One ought to be to have the patience to invest and wait for dividends. Also, when making these investments compounding technique is of great help where one plow back the profits. Investing large amounts of money is essential because returns will be higher since they are calculated using percentage method.

In other words, freedom checks are a business partnership which acts a like a publicly traded company. Profits are taxed only once the investors get paid their earnings. In conclusion, the checks are not a scam; just because the marketing strategies are exaggerated doesn’t mean that they can’t give good returns. Visit:


Changing the World Through Legal Industry – Marco Antonio Marques da Silva

At the age of 15, Marco Antonio Marques da Silva knew he wanted to work in the legal sector. The Brazilian Magistrate was born in 1958 in Itapetininga, and after his high school education he joined PUC for and graduated in 1981. Marco would later join Pontifical Catholic University where he graduated with a teaching, doctorate, and masters. Marco Antonio Marques da Silva wanted to gain more skills in the legal field that is why he joined the Faculty of Law of Coimbra in 2005 where he received his postdoctoral fellowship. After his graduation, he went to serve at PUC as a teacher in legal issues, and in 2003 he got his tenure. The magistrate is still teaching at the education facility.


Marco Antonio Marques da Silva has been passionate about the industry, and a ladder who has been recognized for his leadership in the legal sector. In 1983 he was appointed to serve in the States and had a chance to work in different States among them Diadema, Sao Paulo, Palmeira D’Oeste, as well as Monte Alto. His work was recognized, and later he got another appointment to be the substitute judge in 2002, and in 2007 he got yet another promotion, and he was elected the Court of Appeal Judge in 2007. The former court of appeal judge is not a judge, teacher, and a legal expert, but he is also an author who has published 40 articles and 13 books. Marco recently edited one of his books Luso-Brazilian Treaty on Human Dignity with the help of Jorge Miranda who is a recognized constitutional professor of law.


April 2018 Marco was recognized in a ceremony which was presided over by Dirceu de Mello who is the President of PUC and the former President of Sao Paulo State Court of Appeal. The ceremony was organized to officially launch an auditorium constructed at Perdizes Campus and was named after Marco Antonio. During the ceremony, Dirceu praised Marco for his determination and his availability during the development of the auditorium. The ceremony meant a lot for the Judge of Court of appeal, he mentioned that he was thrilled to see his friends and family during the ceremony and he thanked them for their presence. Marco Antonio continues to impact the legal industry through his service and leadership.


Jeff Aronin – Inspiring Bioscience Futures Today

Jeff Aronin along with Paragon Biosciences is determined to change the approach to medicines, and the approval of medicines. Paragon Biosciences builds and grows biotechnology companies, and is unique in it’s approach. Jeff Aronin, and his team, focus on patient need, the science behind the disease, and how they can tie those things together to build great companies that quickly bring new and novel treatments to sick patients. Jeff Aronin has helped to build a culture of innovation that is focused on doing more to advance healthcare in both Chicago and worldwide. This successful strategy starts with the patient need first and foremost. When Paragon Biosciences identifies a disease that is debilitating or life threatening and has no effective treatment, Jeff Aronin pounces. He and his team move to quickly address the need for treatment. It is more than just the opportunity that exists within these diseases. What drives Jeff Aronin is a strong urge and desire to truly understand what causes the disease and what sorts of treatments can both help the company and bring great treatment to the patients.


Paragon chooses the diseases that have the highest risk or need, and the most scarce treatment options available. Two companies in particular are working with Paragon and Jeff Aronin, Castle Creek Pharmaceuticals and Harmony Biosciences, are working toward creating and having new medicines launch in the United States within the next couple years. Many of the medicines these companies hope to develop will be the very first and most likely only treatment for the rare diseases and conditions that they treat. Jeff Aronin has chosen this route, not only because the need is high, but also because it draws the greatest interest, and thus the best investors to share this vision with. Castle Creek has a long list of potential treatments for rare skin conditions, while Harmony is more focused on disorders that effect the central nervous system. These high-profile diseases quickly draw in investors money.Jeff Aronin and Paragon Biosciences have a very straightforward and important goal. They want to build innovative companies to bring important medicine to patients.


Jeffrey Aronin’s fight to cure rare diseases

It is not common for an entrepreneur to venture off into uncharted waters with little or no possibility of success. That is what Jeffrey Aronin has done after two decades in the pharmaceutical industry playing safe and sticking to medication that has been proven to be lucrative as well as useful to patients. His zeal for living larger than life and helping others is what propelled him to seek out new techniques that will benefit individuals that suffer from rare types of diseases. Armed with the right educational expertise and years of experience, he has set out on a new path with a new company as his chosen vehicle to see his visions brought to life.

He established Ovation Pharmaceuticals back in the year 2000, and since then he has been on the endless pursuit of providing treatment to patients with critical health issues. Nine years later, Lundbeck a Danish Company bought Ovation in the year 2009. Having the same goals as Jeffrey Aronin demanded that they retained him as their chief operating officer when the merger was being finalized. The backing of a bigger pharmaceutical giant meant that Jeffrey could expand and dive deep into research due to the broad access to resources that were put in his disposal.

Furthering his already extensive research and adding collaborations with other biotech laboratories meant that he could improve treatment methods that were sub-par as well as paving a new era into his area of focus. Finally, patients could be allowed to hope as Jeffrey’s vision came to fruition and breathed a sign of life into the treatment of serious illnesses. Through this patients benefit from continuous research that aims at improving their conditions as well as the medication that is prescribed to them. It also helps that at the helm of the company is an individual whose aim is not diverted and also is passionate to see the patients cared for.

Paragon Biosciences at its core will always concentrate on revolutionary treatments because they are willing to go the extra mile to ensure no lives are lost unnecessarily due to a disease that has the potential to be cured if only research is conducted.


Mark Mofid is Changing Plastic Surgery for the Better

Mark Mofid is an example of what a good plastic surgeon should be, and he has become a role model for other plastic surgeons. He has developed an ethical understanding of the plastic surgery industry, and also encourages others to take a similar stance. For example, many people who want gluteal surgery, want a complete change to their bodies. Mark Mofid has found a way to bridge the gap between too much and not enough.

Too much plastic surgery at once can cause physical stress to an individual and a lot of pain. Mark Mofid is aware of this, and encourages clients to be reasonable towards the level of modification that is to be completed with a surgery.


He has also developed, over an eight year period of his career, a revolutionary implant designed specifically for gluteal surgery that is safer for the individual. The implant works with the body, and allows tissue to grow into the implant during healing, so it actually becomes more of a part of the body. In the long run, this will prevent sagging.


Mark Mofid practices in San Diego, and takes on new clients occasionally. He is recommended as one of the top gluteal augmentation surgery practitioners in the U.S. Mark Mofid works with the client to gain a clearer understanding of their desires so that he can explain to them the potential benefits and risks of a personalized procedure.


Mark Mofid has worked hard throughout his career to help the world of plastic surgery become more ethical, as well as more responsible for each individual client’s health when choosing a particular route for a surgery. He thinks more about the client’s health than the actual bottom line. He wants other doctors who practice plastic surgery to follow suit. It would make everyone involved a lot happier in the end.

Stansberry Research: What Is a Market Melt up

Stansberry Research is an organization that operates as a publishing company in the United States of America. They specialize in researching investment opportunities in a number of industries including the natural resource, power, oil, and biotechnology industries. They were first formed in 1999 and are based out of Baltimore Maryland.

They have recently published an article detailing their viewpoint on the current state of the American stock market. Since 2009 the stock market of the US has been increasing more or less continuously. An economy that is typically experiencing a market such as this might be described as being in a bull market.

According to Stansberry research, they believe that something else entirely is occurring. They believe that a market melt up is what might be occurring. A market melt up is the result of a substantial rise in the valuation of a particular class of assets that is primarily fueled by group psychology rather than a particular investment strategy.

The last time that market conditions such as this occurred in the United States of America was in 1999. A market melt up is built on the back of a particular mentality that is held by the general public. Over time as assets continue to increase in value investors will become fearful that they might miss out on potential gains in the value of their investments. As a result of this fear, they will put more money into the market. As a result of this pushing of more money into the market, the valuations of assets continue to climb ever higher.

It can be difficult to know just how to react whenever you are confronted with a market melt up. There are a few strategies however that can ease your decision-making. One of them is to simply not be scared if you see a significant decrease in the value of the market. In the past, the market has always climbed back in value. Also, it is important to keep in mind an ideal point to sell. A wise investor would take the time to devise a strategy that included a particular time that they would feel comfortable selling.

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Avatrade and the Excitement of Making Winning Trades

One of the most exciting occurrences of forex trading is making winning trades. It can get even more exciting once it becomes a recurring thing. One thing that making a winning trade can do for people is increase their capital. The only issue is that it can be a challenge for people to make the right trades on a consistent basis. This is one of the reasons that it is important to make sure that all of the factors are taken care of before getting started. One very important factor in making winning trades is the forex broker itself.


For people who are looking for a good forex broker, they can find one in Avatrade. This broker is a highly reliable broker. They can be trusted when it comes to finances. Therefore, people do not have to worry about getting cheated. Another good aspect of Avatrade is that they have a lot of options when it comes to the trader. They have the Meta Trader platform for various devices. They also have a version of it that is viewed on the web. Therefore, people who do not want to go through all of the trouble of downloading the platform can enjoy the action from the internet.


Avatrade is the type of broker that people can trust because they not only offer people options for trading but also a lot of information that can help them make the right choices. There are a lot of methods for choosing when to open a deal. One such approach that is worth considering is looking at the news. As a matter of fact, any factor that has an influence on the price of the asset that is being trade should be looked at. This can help people make the right choices in the trade.

What Can You Expect from Freedom Checks?

The amount of money being generated by “freedom checks” might surprise those unfamiliar with the distributions. Reportedly, more than $34 billion in freedom checks may be released in 2018. The passage of the sweeping tax bill could directly stimulate profitable distributions. Reports of investors receiving payments of $24,000, $66,000, and $160,000 appear in news sources. All this may seem incredible, but a closer examination of how freedom checks work cuts down on much of the mystery. Read more at Agora News about Freedom Checks.

While federal laws on the books created the basis for the freedom check, the distributions do not come from a government source. The checks aren’t variations of social security or other federal programs. Freedom checks come from master limited partnership (MLP) investment endeavors.

A freedom check comes from investments in MLPs that fall under “Statute 26-F.” The MLPs must derive 90% of revenue from oil and natural gas projects. They must also pay out a minimum of 90% of income to investors. The payouts come in the form of disbursed freedom checks. Currently, 568 meet the Statute 26-F requirements. The companies benefit greatly from huge tax incentives to operate under the statute. For the investor, an opportunity exists to reap the reward of receiving a potentially lucrative freedom check.

Based on the monetary amounts of the previously listed check distributions, the reasons why investors seek out these opportunities. The potential to receive a significant distribution comes off as attractive to dynamic investors.

After looking over the significant amounts distributed to certain investors, a secret reveals itself. “Freedom” proceeds the word check for an obvious reason. Freedom refers to financial freedom. Money might not address all the problems in life, but money does make a lot of problems go away. Money also makes the stress and strain of certain problems less impacting. Retirees, in particular, do not want to deal with financial stress. That’s why many people invest early in life in order to live comfortably in retirement.

Earning huge sums of money through investing isn’t exactly easy. Not every investment venture delivers the expected or preferred result. Making any assumptions about an investment endeavor delivering guaranteed massive wealth won’t be prudent. The wise investor always looks into anything he or she considers putting money into. Take the time to learn more about master limited partnerships, the partnership concept’s traditional business model, How the law effects MLPs, and what realistic distributions look like. Learn more:


Avery Ranch Golf Club: Austin’s Best Golf Club

Having earned the title of Top Luxury Course, and Best Place To Hold A Corporate Event in 2013 by Avid Golfer Magazine as well as earning 4 1/2 stars and One Of The Best Places To Play by Golf Digest, Avery Ranch Golf Club in Austin, Texas is a must-play course for any serious golfer.

With rates as low as $29.00 (and that includes a free beer!!!), club rentals as low as $50.00 ($60.00 for Taylor Made) with a sleeve of golf balls included, and private lessons from J.L. Lewis, PGA, you can’t go wrong.

The Player’s Club is also one sweet deal as well. Unlimited use of their practice facilities throughout the business day, two free beers per paid round, 5-day advanced tee time reservations, and depending on your chosen membership level, up to two free rounds of golf per month ANY DAY OF THE WEEK!!! No matter which way I compare them, all of the golf club memberships near me don’t stand up to Avery Ranch Golf Club. They even have especials only available through their website.

Designed by former Jack Nicklaus Architect, Andy Raugust, Avery Ranch’s 18 hole championship course features some of the best golfing, if not the best, in central Texas. Oak lined 419 Bermuda fairways, Tif Eagle greens that are cut twice per day, a 60 acre lake, and 5 tee placements to accommodate all levels of play. The front nine holes are highly challenging with #7 being a signature of the course. The back nine has the trifecta: 3 par 3’s, par 4’s, and par 5’s with the 18th hole holding the title of best finishing hole in Austin as it borders Avery Lake and provides a stunning view of the Texas Hill Country.

And, if all that wasn’t enough, Avery Ranch Golf Club is the perfect place for a wedding. They have four packages to chose from and a beautiful banquet room that can accommodate up to 200 guests. The room features a breath taking sunset view and a highly skilled, professional staff to take care of everything you desire.

Yes, I’m certain, for all the golf club memberships near me, Avery Ranch Golf Club is the best!!!

Heather Russell Takes Prestigious Position with TransUnion

Heather Russell has had a long and impressive career in the global financial services industry.

For over 20 years she has been providing financial services, data privacy, regulatory compliance, mergers and acquisitions and financial technology solutions to help consumers and business with their financial and security goals.

Just this month, Heather Russell joined TransUnion, an international consumer credit reporting agencies, which provides consumers with a vast array of financial tools like credit reports and identity-theft and fraud-prevention solutions that enable them to make informed decisions.

Russell joins TransUnion as Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer. She will be responsible for overseeing compliance and privacy activities for the company and its subsidiaries as the company focuses on growth and offering new solutions to help consumers and businesses globally.

Prior to joining TransUnion, Russell was a partner at Buckley Sandler, LLP, a prestigious law firm with offices in New York and Washington. She was charged with overseeing the company’s Financial Institutions Regulation, Supervision and Tech division, which helps clients with mergers and acquiring regulatory approvals. Russell also held top-level positions with Fifth Third Bank, Bank of America and others.

Russell received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology and English from William and Mary College and graduated com laude with her Juris Doctor from the American University College of Law in Washington, DC, where she was the recipient of the “Most Outstanding Graduate” award. Following graduation, she worked as an adjunct professor at Boston University’s School of Law, teaching students about the future of banking and the effect financial technology will have on the industry.

Russell’s impressive background in the financial sector should be a perfect fit for TransUnion as they move forward with their growth strategies and search for innovative financial solutions.

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