HCR Wealth Advisors Discussing the Future of Retirement

HCR Wealth Advisors is a registered investment advisory firm that has been around for many years and has established itself as a trusted provider of these services to its clients.

HCR Wealth Advisors was established in Los Angeles, California back in 1988. For more than 25 years, the corporation has been striving to provide innovation in its line of work and help clients achieve their financial goals. The business offers financial advisory services on topics such as inheritance, marriage, divorce, starting or selling a business, loss of a loved one, as well as a sudden and significant influx of assets, and retirement. HCR Wealth Advisors is also focused on providing education on financial matters, one of the latest topics being retirement.

The topic of “new retirement” explores many aspects of retirement that have not been appropriately addressed before. Those include the loss of identity that many experiences at the start of moving on from their job. The complete change in fixed schedule can be very tough on people and limit their physical and intellectual stimulation day to day. If such issues are not appropriately addressed, people can develop fatigue, depression, poor health and experience low self-esteem, and inadequacy. Retirement is a permanent change in one’s life and the transition can be tricky.

Planning for retirement usually occupies 15 to 20 years of one’s life. It is predominantly financial planning but there is a lot more to retirement planning than that. This transition is, at its core, retiring from something and to something else. Most people do not give much thought to how they are going to fill their days past the “do whatever I want” stage. That can have a substantial adverse impact on their life later on.

According to releasefact.com, some of the retirement aspects that every person has to think about include relationship dynamics, personal development, wellness, leisure, and lifestyle. While some people view retirement as an ending, the topic of “new retirement” explores it as a beginning. This “new retirement” is in the process of becoming the normal retirement. Both experts and the public are discussing it as the future of retirement.

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Heather Russell From Law Clerk to Chief Legal Officer

On June 4, it was official that Heather Russell became the new Chief Legal Officer and Executive President of TransUnion. Ms. Russell earned her bachelor’s degree in English and Biology at The College of William and Mary back in 1993. By 1997, Russell had obtained her Doctor of Law degree from American University, Washington from College of Law.

According to Crunchbase, after college, Heather Russell held many job positions. For her first year out of college, Ms. Russell worked as a law clerk for the Honorable Claude M Hilton. Mr. Hilton was Chief Judge of the US District at the eastern part of Virginia. Ms. Russell spent almost eight years at Skadden, Arps, Meagher & Flom LLP Associates as a counselor of Law. For five years, Russell worked at the Bank of America as their Associate General Counsel. For four years, Ms. Russell was the Global Chief Regular Regulatory Counsel. By 2015, Heather Russell accepted the job of Executive Vice President and Corporate secretary at Fifth Third Bank for a year before moving on to her next job. Prior to becoming Chief Legal Officer and Executive Vice President at TransUnion, Ms. Russell was a partner at Buckley Sandler LLP.

Heather Russell was chosen to replace John Blenke, who plans to retire later this year. Her new job requires her to handle the customers’ financial data, privacy, security, etc. Ms. Russell will be taking orders directly from CEO and company president, Jim Peck. Peck is confident Heather Russell will be a valued addition to the TransUnion team. Since the company opened 50 years ago, it now handles over 30 countries world wide including North America, Africa, Latin America, and others. TransUnion plans to make the economies of families safer and more secure, creating better communities globally. Russell can’t help but be a success here.

Here’s an additional information about Russell joining TransUnion: https://globenewswire.com/news-release/2018/05/01/1494394/0/en/Heather-Russell-Joins-TransUnion-as-Chief-Legal-Officer.html

Building A Luxury Real Estate Empire With Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani may not be a household name around the world but for those who are in the know about the luxury real estate sector, there are few names as famous in the 21st-century. Through his own work and the projects, he has completed alongside some of the most famous real estate moguls in the world, the DAMAC Properties owner has become one of the most respected developers on the planet. The success of Sajwani and his family in developing the real estate sector around Dubai and now some of the world’s leading capitals has led to him giving his opinion on the state of the world to global leaders at the annual DAVOS event.

Originally, Hussain Sajwani had decided upon a career in the oil and gas exploration community but found himself drawn to entrepreneurial ideas after beginning his career in the contracts department of the Abu Dhabi Oil and Gas Company. After identifying a gap in the market for catering services, Sajwani developed a business he still operates for workers in the oil fields of the Middle East and Africa. Eventually, the DAMAC catering services division proved such a success the U.S. military contracted the business to provide food for soldiers during the Gulf Wars.

In 2002, DAMAC Properties was established following a change in property ownership laws in the United Arab Emirates allowing foreign nationals to own property. After achieving success in the Dubai-based real estate sector, Hussain Sajwani decided to expand his reach into some of the world’s great capitals including Jordan, Qatar, and London where the AYKON One Tower is currently under construction overlooking the River Thames. The London project is the latest to take on the business partnerships which have become a trademark of DAMAC Properties since Dubai linkups with the Trump Organization and Bugatti. In London, the latest partnership being marketed is with Versace Home which is set to design the interior of the planned tower.

More reading: http://www.forbes.com/sites/kerryadolan/2016/03/01/the-donald-of-dubai-hussain-sajwani-interview/#1b049a722f15

Jed McCaleb: Technological Impact In Entrepreneurship

Throughout his career, Jed McCaleb has been interested in the use of technology to improve monetary transactions. He has worked on many cryptocurrency projects including the development of Mt. Gox exchange and the Stellar system. Out of his experiences, Jed prospects that the growth in technology is likely to in the future have an impact on business sectors such as the stock exchange. He states that a universal transaction system might be developed in the future. This network would allow people to view the records of transactions but cannot change them. It would also let people make use of currency they are comfortable with. As time goes by, he becomes more confident of the successful thrive of cryptocurrency.

Jed McCaleb is the founder of the Mt. Gox exchange, a cryptocurrency network. In 2011, he sold the idea. After being traded, the project encountered challenges and was forced to shut down in 2013. The system made use of bitcoins. When it crashed, it caused a decrease in the exchange rates of bitcoins. After selling this idea, Jed McCaleb, together with a partner, co-founded Stellar. He also holds the position of Chief Technology Officer. Stellar is a firm primarily focused on improving the cryptocurrency networks. It has its system called XLM. It is among the best crypto networks. The main reason for coming up with this network, as Jed states, was to try and fix the global financial system.

In its project, Stellar has come up with an innovation that enables faster money transfers. Through the system, one can make a complete transaction in less than two seconds. The system allows financial infrastructures such as stocks and different currencies to be tokenized. After being changed to tokens, these assets can be transferred from one point to the other through the network. The system also ensures secure transactions over very long distances. This is a firm indication that the network is capable of supporting global exchanges. Companies such as IBM have been making use of the Stellar system. This system can be as well used for fundraisings. In fact, companies who have used the network for fundraising have got a lot of money in digital coins compared to what they could have achieved with monetary fundraising. More content on his LinkedIn account.

Ryan Seacrest in Broadcasting and Entrepreneurship

Ryan Seacrest is a radio and television broadcaster and an entrepreneur in media and entertainment companies. He was born and raised in Dunwoody, Georgia by his loving parents, Gary and Connie. In his early days, Ryan loved listening to various programs of the radio, and his interest grew until he decided to purchase his first mixers which he used to record the most hit songs at the time and his favorite broadcasters. In Dunwoody high school where he attended, he got an opportunity to broadcast announcements.

Ryan Seacrest’s career in radio broadcasting grew during his internship at WSTR FM when the station owner noticed his potential when took over the regular DJ who fell ill. Ryan received mentorship until he came to a polished disk jockey. Later, he became the permanent host of weekend overnight where he coordinated the evening program.

Ryan Seacrest was offered the opportunity of hosting a singing competition, Pop Idol. Later, Simon Cowell introduced American Idol, and Ryan became the show’s host with Brian Dunkleman, after some time he became the sole host. The show was ranked rose number one television show for eight years consecutively, and his fame rose sharply. Ryan founded a non-profit organization called Ryan Seacrest Foundation after witnessing the pain and suffering children and parents undergo in hospitals. RSF developed radio and TV studios called Seacrest Studios in hospitals giving sick children the chance to meet celebrities in music and acting. Seacrest hosts On Air with Ryan Seacrest, number one morning drive show in Los Angeles. He is also a co-host and an executive producer of dick Clarks New Year Rockin Eve With Ryan Seacrest and the morning talk show, Live With Kelly And Ryan. Also, is co-host of E!Live from the red carpet. He has a lifestyle enterprise called Ryan Seacrest Distinction that sells men’s skin care which he partners with Dr.Harold, the dermatologist.

Fans of Ryan can connect to him thru social media:

Membership in The Oxford Club Has its Perks

The Oxford Club is a unique investment club that seeks to enable its investors to learn how to beat the market. The club operates around the world and is tailored to suit the needs of the beginner all the way to the more experienced investor. They teach their members through a variety of seminars and through various newsletters distributed only to members. You can even learn on your own time with online courses. Members benefit from the breadth of experience of fellow members as well as through experts who are employed by the club.

InvestmentU is the educational program The Oxford Club offers to teach the concepts to its members. The InvestmentU website includes courses, conferences and videos among other resources. InvestmentU also offers an annual conference, the last one had been held in March 2018 in Las Vegas. Additionally, members receive a daily e-letter, three newsletters, and a dozen trading services. The specific material each member will have access to varies based on his or her membership level. There are three membership levels ranging from the premier membership to the chairman Circle membership.

Club members travel around the world to luxury destinations for exclusive Oxford Club gatherings. These gatherings allow club members to network while enjoying the finer things in life. Members also have travel benefits at global outposts in France and Central America among other places. Club members network about real estate opportunities and can exchange the use of privately owned properties around the world including chateaus, castles and beach houses.

Investing can be a scary endeavor on your own. The Oxford Club takes the concern away and guides you through the process of taking control of your financial future in the investment world. Tried and true classes that you can take at your own pace as well as travel and networking opportunities are some great reasons to explore The Oxford Club. You are not alone in the pursuit of greater financial options; @The_Oxford_Club will be right there with you.

Stream Energy Shows That Stream Cares

In 2005 Stream Energy was founded in Dallas, Texas. Stream Energy specializes in various home services such as home protection, energy, Virtual MD, Smart 30 Thermostat Plan and other wireless services. They have the distinction of being named one of Texas’ Top 10 Most Trusted Retail Electric Providers. Stream Energy also offers services in New Jersey, New York, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, and Washington D.C. Stream Energy services are sold through direct sales, and they have over 250,000 associates.

Recently Patch did an article about Stream Energy’s efforts to give back to the community. While Stream Energy has always been active in their community, they started Stream Cares to formalize their philanthropic activities. While their activities are concentrated in Texas, Stream Cares seeks opportunities to help around the country.

Recently, they did a massive amount to help victims of Hurricane Harvey. The Patch article talks about Stream Care being an amazing example of what companies can do in the wake of natural disasters. Stream Cares have more than just money to help Hurricane Harvey victims. They donated to the $15,000 to the Red Cross, and many associates gave of their time to help.

Stream Cares has a passion to help the homeless. They have partnered with Habitat for Humanity to help people get homes. They also have partnered with the Hope Supply Co., which is also based in Dallas, Texas. During the annual Splash for Hope, Stream Cares paid for the meal costs and entrance fees for over 1,000 homeless children in the North Texas area. This event is special because it allows homeless children and say at a waterpark, oftentimes for the first time. They get a day to just be a kid. Hope Supply Co. also provides clothing, diapers, school supplies and more to help homeless children. Stream Cares has been working with Hope Supply Co. for over four years, and they plan to continue to partner with them for many years to come.


Joel Friant: Serial Entrepreneur turned Spice Inventor

Joel Friant is a steady hardworking indivual, who is known throughout the internet globally, as a serial entrepreneur, small business owner, and a free-market enthusiast. This particular individual loves eating habanero peppers, enjoys cooking Thai food cuisine, and is the creator to his own flagship product the Original Habanero Shaker.


The idea of the Original Habanero Shaker started when a friend of his from high school introduced the habanero pepper over to Joel Friant. He took one bite out of the habanero pepper and it was in that that very moment, Joel Friant realized he had a brilliant idea. He immediately became hooked on the habanero pepper and wanted to work on his idea, but it wasn’t took some time before he accomplish his goals. This is how the idea of the Original Habanero Shaker product started to evolve.


Joel Friant decided to open up a restaurant business in 1995, so that he could learn more about the food industry. Then later on, he focused on developing his project for the habanero shaker.


He eventually had to travel over to Jamaica, to try the various types of habanero peppers. His idea was to create a habanero shaker that was made with 100% real habanero. It was then broken down into habanero flakes by harvesting the peppers when the plant is dry, ripe, and mature. A few years later, Joel Friant his product the Original Habanero was released in the grocery stores.


This multi-talented entrepreneur in 2012 also put his hard work into learning how to sell online with Amazon and eBay where he stumbled across e-commerce and he realized he had a better chance at selling his product through there as well. Sure enough his plans of the Original Habanero Shaker turned out to be a success. Joel Friant is currently finding new ways to improving the taste from the Original Habanero Shaker.

Why Vijay Eswaran Believes that University Students should be Taught how to Create Jobs Rather than Seek Jobs

With an increasing number of unemployed individuals in the society, concerns have been raised regarding how these cases can be mitigated.

Vijay Eswaran, a serial entrepreneur, believes that such cases can be reduced when university students are equipped with the knowledge of creating rather than seeking jobs. Eswaran, who is also known for creating QI Group, thinks that students ought to be motivated to create employment by taking risks.

According to Vijay Eswaran, the reason why most students prefer getting employed is to gain experience. Eswaran believes that this conservative thinking is the leading cause of an increase in job seekers and a decrease in job creators. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran: http://interview.net/vijay-eswaran/ and https://ideamensch.com/dr-vijay-eswaran/

In his speech during a forum for University Malaya students, Eswaran spoke about artificial intelligence, robotics, and automation. He said that these technologies are changing modern economic activities as the population grows.


Eswaran advised the university students to seek jobs that match their qualifications. He told them that they could choose between working for a start-up or an established company based on their preferences and personalities.

He mentioned that working for a start-up allows one to gain an understanding of business development stages. He believes that this knowledge can help one to come up with a start-up.

Vijay Eswaran urged students who are interested in working in start-ups to have realistic visions. This is because emerging business ventures are ever-changing and fast-paced. Furthermore, there is a lot of free communications and action in start-ups as compared to slow-paced corporate firms.

Eswaran urged them to consider the specific factors that would help them attain their goals before signing up to work in a start-up.

About Vijay Eswaran

Vijay Eswaran is a prominent entrepreneur, author, and business executive of Malaysian origin. He gained critical acclaim after launching a Hong Kong-based e-commerce company known as the QI Group. He is the executive chair of this business conglomerate. QI Group was established to operate based on the multi-level marketing approach.

As an e-commerce conglomerate, QI Group has interests in a business like telecommunications, travel, corporate investments, luxury products, training, and wellness. Vijay Eswaran got his undergraduate socio-economics degree from the London School of Economics. He is also an MBA graduate of the Southern Illinois University.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Assuming Chairmanship Of Bradesco, Will Not Remain As CEO

The position of CEO of Bradesco, one of Brazil’s largest and most important banks, will soon be up for grabs. However, the current CEO, Luiz Carlos Trabuco, who will soon take over as chairman of the board of directors, will be tasked with naming his own replacement. While there is much speculation as to who he will name, he has until March 1 of 2018 to finalize his selection, a task that he has assured investors and the press that he will take his time in completing .

The End of a Golden Era

The cause for Trabuco’s stepping down and taking up the chairmanship is both that he has now exceeded, by some time, the mandatory retirement age of 65 from the CEO position and that his boss, legendary Brazilian banker Lazaro Brandao, has decided to finally step down as chairman.

Brandao has reached legendary status among many in the Brazilian banking industry. The 91 year old financier has been with Bradesco since the age of 16, joining the bank in 1943, the first full year of its operation. He has acted in an executive capacity for the bank since 1981, the year in which he was named CEO. Between 1990 and 1999, he acted as both CEO and chairman simultaneously, the only time in the bank’s history that both positions have been held by the same person on more than a temporary basis.

But, perhaps, most importantly, the departure of Brandao represents the end of a golden era for Bradesco. For many, Brandao himself is almost inseparable from the firm. He is, to some, its very soul. No one else has been with the bank anywhere near as long as Brandao, who has literally seen it grow from a one-branch thrift lender into a national powerhouse of Brazilian banking, being the largest bank in the country across many different measures today.

In fact, the only other employee of the bank who comes close to Brandao’s impressive tenure is Luiz Carlos Trabuco himself, the current CEO of the bank. Trabuco started working with the firm in 1969, at the age of 18. Like Brandao, he rose through the ranks the old fashioned way – through hard work, determination and talent.

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By 1984, Trabuco had secured his first executive role with the bank, working as head of the marketing and PR department. By this time, Trabuco had gotten a master’s degree in social psychology and a bachelor’s in business administration. Over the next 25 years, he set about modernizing the bank. He was the first to implement various reforms, bringing the bank’s business model much closer to that seen by its highly successful North American counterparts like Bank of America and Wells Fargo.

Trabuco was the first one to implement a tiered banking product, concentrating on creating a luxury services brand for high-net-worth clients. This succeeded in attracting a great deal of capital to the bank. By the time Trabuco was promoted to the head of the insurance division, the financial planning division, which he had led since 1992, was among the most profitable units in the corporation.

Trabuco again proved to be hugely adept at running the insurance division, more than doubling revenues and converting Bradesco Seguros into the largest retail underwriter in the country.

But Trabuco’s tenure as CEO proved spottier than his past performances. Although most of the decline in the stock price that occurred under his watch was the simple consequence of inheriting a bank in an untenable macroeconomic situation, many shareholders still blamed him for weak performance.

But Lazaro Brandao himself has assured investors that, going forward, there is no better man to chair the Bradesco Board of Directors than Luiz Carlos Trabuco.

Visit folha.uol.com.br for more information about Luiz Carlos Trabuco.